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Magic numbers and keys to the multiverse- Beejank Mathematics

9 bridges beyond time. It is the master Beejank number and root.

Where did you know the number seven is mentioned 54 times in the book of revelations? 54 = Beejank number 9 (5+4=9)

When you awaken to Beejank mathematics, you quite literally open the door to a whole new universal consciousness. The universe where the wizards play.

Numbers serve such a central role in the constructs of the society, being a core language within the development of science, mathematics and technology. Numbers are encoded throughout reality- it is a universal law.

But can you imagine if physicist worked in Beejank mathematics? That’s a whole parallel universe that becomes accessible right there.

Welcome to the multiverse.

I am here help you see multidimensionally reminding your of ancient keys to help you awaken to new dimensional realms of consciousness.

Beejank mathematics is key within the science and technology of consciousness, where it provides a multidimensional template, map and frame work through the multiverse.

It is an ancient branch of mathematics recorded by the Vedas. The Vedas are the forefathers of modern yoga and philosophy, where the stories go the Vedas were given their wisdom by the giants of India who are remembered today as the Indian deities. One the most famous being the big blue giant known shiva who gave the wisdom of yoga to humanity. Shiva was likely not of this earth, which is why he has blue skin as was recorded to travel into space for years on end.

Beejank mathematics is known by the modern mathematicians as the “digital root,” however this branch of math just like the foundation of quantum physics, has its roots in ancient Vedic philosophy dating back about 1500BC. Did you know also the atom was not discovered in the 1800AC? It was know of and written about way back in the Vedic philosophy 1000BC.

Where these keys provide a powerful cognitive activation for embodying higher dimensional consciousness and awakening to the nature of Christ. Jesus spent much time studying in India in his journey to Christ consciousness. He is said to have spent at least 10 years in the Himalayas walking the path of yoga, which accounts for a large portion of his famous missing years from the bible, where he was studying in mystery schools around the world one key region being India and Tibet. Where to this day is considered a great kundalini master and example of human potential by the Himalayan Gurus. When I was studying kundalini yoga in Rishakesh I visited a cave where the young Jesus is said to have spent some time meditating.

The missing years of Jesus and his path as a yogi are so key to awaken to for they empower you and provide a powerful path to facilitate your awakening and greater embodiment of Christ consciousness.

The mystical abilities that Jesus demonstrated such as walking on water have been taught and performed by yogis throughout history. Such mystical abilities are known on the path of yoga as mystical siddhas. There have been yogis recorded to who have walked on water, through devotion to the path and awakening their kundalini unlocking such capacity. Also the famous Mahavatar Babaji born in 203AC said to mastered the path of immortality, moving into higher dimensions with his body and appearing to people in the Himalayas from time to time. Something Jesus was also recorded to have done. Further Demonstrating the full body ascension made possible through the path of yoga

Where in addition to the physical practise of yoga through asanas, Kriyas and breathwork there is the philosophy, the mathematics, the geometry, the science, mechanics, the analytics that comes to light through the Beejank mathematics and philosophy of the atom- or as the Veda’s called the atom - Anu and the subatomic particles paramāṇu.

Paramāṇu signifying an ancient awareness of the multiverse accessible in through the atom, which is where modern science has brought us to the cusp of, given all that has been uncovered in the field of quantum mechanics over the past 100 years.

With all of this in mind, a cognitive foundation and in turn deeper multidimensional understanding of another miracle Jesus performed is uncovered- when Jesus turned water into wine. He created a quantum shift at a subatomic level in the atomic structure of the water transforming it into wine. Something than can be understood from a scientific perspective through the science of consciousness, quantum mechanics and was is known as the observer effect in quantum physics.

In a private masterclass today we are going to be exploring this topic deeper uncovering ancient wisdom of the laws of numbers and rhythm to activate greater flow in your life, finances and business, as well as facilitating a third eye activation and visual map through the multiverse. This is a private master exclusively for my online academy Diamond Light body abundance members.

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