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Coming home to Christ

“I am the way the truth and the life, no body gets to the father except through me.” -Jesus

This is a quote of Jesus that this past year out of all Jesus quotes has been consistently channeled through me the most. It’s not something I have really spoken of publicly until now, due to the spiritual damage I experienced first hand in the Christian church growing up, full well understanding how so many I love and care for reject Christ because of similar experiences. My brain would categorise such a statement as extreme, manipulative and discriminatory. However as I have awakened I have been shown time and time again the truth of this statement is true. Jesus holds the keys to the crystalline kingdoms of heaven and of the New Earth.

As I upgrade, working with plant medicine deeply at this time, the larger plan of the divine and role of Jesus Christ has become ever so much clearer than before, to the degree I understand in new light the nature of such a statement from Jesus himself. Whether you call him Jesus, Yeshua, Yosif, Isha, Jesús… this soul is a giant of light so tall he would not fit on this earth in the full scale and height of his soul. He came to save humanity, for God so loved the world he gave his only son. We are all sons and daughters of God, but Jesus is special born by immaculate conception, given truly special work by God truly incomprehensible to many.

The human he incarnated into tiny in size in comparison to who he truly is in the New Earth kingdoms of heaven, that our planet is aligning with in the Galactic year upgrade. Where just like the human he incarnated into is just but a tiny sized version of his larger over soul, our planet Gaia is like a tiny version of her larger over soul that is the new earth. The kingdoms of heaven are truly gigantic at nature, as are the giant celestial guardians who are the humans of the future. Yes we grow in size as we evolve along the galactic year cycle… this is the galactic year upgrade!! this process of growing has already begun if you look at the average collective human height these past 500 years. Humanity is growing taller in reflection to their growing consciousness.

In the galactic year upgrade we awaken to the gigantic consciousness of the new earth, where we as humanity have got to pass through Christ to get there. You can understand Christ as Christ consciousness, the frequency of consciousness of the New universal consciousness, Jesus the embodiment of Christ, the example, judge and gatekeeper who gets to decide who enters the kingdoms of heaven.

There will be those in the new age who kick and scream, opposing with all their might that Christ is the way, the truth and the light, but what we must understand is God has boundaries. There is a reason why humanity fell from Atlantis in the first place, and why the fallen angels also fell from heaven even before that- it’s because the kingdoms of heaven are so pure and divine only pure souls in Christ can enter, it’s a vibrational thing! The good news is- that is the great master plan that is Jesus. He came to help liberate and clear the human sin and collective karma for those who repent their sins and put their faith in him. He literally came to elevate the human race to the kingdoms of heaven.

There is an ancient yogic proverb in India that can help us to greater understand and humble ourselves to the nature of the great master plan; “in that one who truly wishes to become enlightened must have a guru in order to stay humble,” we can see Jesus as the great guru of the new earth.

Those in the new age who do not wish to follow Jesus those who are even so bold to claim he never existed, often do so because they are possessed by demons where their ego does not wanting to look to an almighty power far greater than them or far greater than any other human on earth than Jesus. There is and has always been jealousy from members of the spiritual community towards Jesus, from when he was here 2000 years ago to this present day. It was even the very reason why lucifer rebelled way back before days, he was jealous of Gods plan and creation of his son Jesus.

Healing the collective relationship with Jesus is a process and it truly is a matter of healing, for many of us have experienced so much pain and repression over the millenniums since he walked the earth following him. So many waited and waited hundreds and then thousands of years for his return, only to have lost faith along the way, but what is truly time in the eyes of God? What I have been shown in recent days is 2000 years passes at the speed of light in comparison to the great gigantic galactic year cycle. Time in itself is dissolving in this transition at hand and planetary ascension. Human life expectancy is also expanding significantly. So the 2000 years that have now passed is a mile stone in our planetary and human upgrade as to what we as humans are capable of.

May now more that ever may we make a stand for Christ for the healing he is here to bring and is bringing to the earth and the human potential that resides within us all that he is here to awaken us to, demonstrate and shine light for, because the humanity needs him now more than ever, where he truly holds the keys to the New Earth Kingdoms of heaven, where the great question at hand is how great is your faith in Gods wonder?

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