The School of Creation is a Golden Age school for the wisdom teachings of E .L Light.

E is a channel for crystalline frequencies of Light from New Earth, which is a 5D multi-dimensional crystalline kingdom of light, that now lays before humanity, where the process of integration with New Earth and our New Earth light bodies is called ascension.

E is a multidimensional ambassador for the family of Light, who are a divine galactic council of guardian assisting humanity through these times of huge galactic transformation.

E is the frequency we speak through, to heal, awaken and elevate you to the divine crystalline consciousness that lays before humanities vibrational ascension into 5th dimensional/ multi-dimensional awareness in the next phases of your human evolution.

Our human channel AKA E.L Light, is who we speak and create though. To learn more about E.L Light you can check out her website lovelightcreation.com

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