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Christianity in the New Age

There is a movement of Christians denying the New Age, however that very notion over looks basic science and astrology, where the actuality is The New age is inescapable, it’s a matter of our astrological alignments within the universe. That doesn’t mean you can’t take the wisdom teachings of your favourite religions/ spiritual schools into the new age with you, by all means any form of spiritual foundation will much more likely aid you in your spiritual growth than hinder. Where Jesus is in the new age and is king as the prophecies state. May it not be forgotten, he’s a crucial key within the great master plan.

The next phase of our human evolution is returning to Christ consciousness within. Fear of any kind be it in the new age or old, is a reflection of one’s disconnection from God, where in Christ truly all fear dissolves.

In the new age the coming of the Kingdoms of God draws forever closer and becomes forever clearer emerging through the aether. With this a huge influx of light floods the earth, where the planet and human consciousness as a whole upgrades into higher dimensional octaves of awareness and reality. It is a matter of vibration, where we got to be in Christ to enter Gods kingdoms- this is prophecy and a matter of science in accordance with the laws of vibration. Christ is pure, love, crystal clean found beyond all sin (aka beyond all karma). As is Gods kingdoms.

In the new planetary frequency the darkness can not hide anymore- take a look at what’s happening in hollywood for example and the amount of satanists now making themselves visible, from Sam Smiths Grammy performance to Lil Nas X in Montenegro, just as heaven is becoming more visible so is hell. This is reflective of the awakening planetary consciousness and the light flooding the earth, brining all that was once hidden into sight. Although what’s been hiding in the darkness of the earth is more visible now, that does not mean it wasn’t there before.

There are those who say that the New age is satantic and a place demons lurk, however if you look back throughout history satan and demons have hijacked all spiritual religions/ education systems. I mean take a look back at the history of Christianity and all the long list pedo popes and priest engaging in gay child pedophilia- some of the darkest inverted black magic on earth. And before Christianity the same was happening in the Jewish synagogues. The dark forces have always hijacked spiritual organisations only in the new age it is so much more obvious. The dark forces can no longer hide due to the new planetary vibration and return of Christ lighting up this earth.

These a

re the times that we are in, the prophecies have long spoken of the ending of time quite literally, bringing the planetary ascension beyond the dimensions of time and space. We are moving into 5D where our perspective on time quite literally the dimension of time will never be the same again, where just look at what scientists have uncovered as to the nature of time, quantum mechanics and the multiverse these past 100 years if you want further evidence for what I speak of. Time is ending quite literally. Welcome to the multiverse.

Where you know the path of ascension through these time, you have been long prepared, it has been spoken many times before, the gateway, the footsteps are in Christ, in your unwavering faith in God.

Through developing and establishing an unshakable connection with God in Christ you will walk the spiral staircase into the higher densities of divine awareness through the multiverse and in turn you will thrive through the times that we are now in and in the times that are becoming, where everything is only going to accelerate from here.

As the Babylonian systems fall, the 144,000 warriors of Christ rise. In Christ all that you seek truly can be found. Your Abundantly successful business overflowing with divine prosperity, your soul mate who you have long felt calling you home, beautiful harmonic relationships, vibrant health and well being- through God in Christ all that you seek can be truly realised.

Corona virus is an example of the power of faith in Gods. I for one did not get the v or get the virus, where I was traveling around the world throughout traveling in 3rd world countries including Peru and India with some of the highest virus rates. I did not get the virus because I was protected by the love and light of Christ- and I knew and embodied this awareness and connection in unshakable faith throughout. That is the power of God and that same power resides within you, where Christ can see you through all seeming challenges, the divine becomes your super power, giving you wings to conquer all discord and stand stronger in your centre than ever before, lighting up the world around you.

The capacity to embody such a strong connection and faith none the less requires a solid foundation and structure so that you remain grounded, balanced and humble. That is why I teach the universal Laws of vibration, frequency, sacred geometry, quantum mechanics and attraction the YANG to to the YIN of spiritual practise and philosophy. I teach YANG (masculine analytical wisdom) to provide you with a cognitive frame work and foundation as we enter the multiverse. Then when it comes to YIN (feminine energetic wisdom) I guide you in spiritual development working with yoga, breath work Kundalini practises, prayer and meditation to attune you to your highest possible time line.

Truly spiritual alignment with Christ is easy, it is the simplest path, yet one many never truly find it, for you have to be willing to show up daily to do the work required to immerse your self in the crystalline frequency of Christ at a cellular level and humble enough to submit to the will of almighty God to truly awaken to your highest possible time line in Christ. None the less it is available and is ready and waiting for you to unlock and remember, where I am here to shine light for you through this process guiding you back to the master that resides within you. PM me if you are ready to take your spiritual training and ascension to the next level upgrading in Christ and lighting up the world in the way that you were born to!

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