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Healing from the Fall

Healing from the fall.

When I was younger about 2/3 I had a baby doll, she was my favourite toy, I loved her and took her everywhere with me. One day I lost her, and for years that followed I felt huge grief and guilt weighing down on my heart.

Throughout this life in particular through my work with the galactic disclosure, I was taken to the depth of this pain that echos back from many life times ago. It took my back to the fall of Atlantis, where the pain was like by baby being torn away from me falling and there was nothing I could do.

In recent days I have been taken back even further to where the fall begun and it wasn’t Atlantis, it was when lucifer fell in the realms before time. The pain the great agony of the heavens was like loosing a baby and watching it fall, the pain the worst a woman can ever feel, yet on a higher level knowing it was for the greater good and for us all to learn but still the pain so excruciating.

This life has taken me full cycle, where I am shown humanity is now in the process of coming back to the fullness of heaven, as part of the heavens fell when lucifer did. His fall created the denser darker realms of time and space we are currently in within the great abyss, but there will come a time not to far from now where it will all be left behind as humanity and Gaia ascends once more to the kingdoms of heaven. Where the darkness will be left behind at the speed or light, where those in Christ are the ones who ascend with Gaia. This in turn is the grand assignment before us as humans, ascension/ return to Christ.

What happens to lucifer and the fallen ones? Well that is up to Jesus to decide. Don’t focus on them, focus on you and your ascension, your purification, and restoration of your light body and don’t let the fallen ones enter your thoughts.

Although there are those in the new age who say cry and say, “Oh Lucifer is so misunderstood,” that is so lucifer, he plays on your pitty and is emotionally manipulative, it is one way he attempts to corrupt you. It should be acknowledged by all that the root of the dark forces on this earth and universe as a whole is the fallen angels, where since they rebelled against God, due to their jealousy of Gods plans for Jesus, they where cast from the heavens where they have been seeking revenge on God trying to corrupt all of Gods creations ever since. They are so crafty they have convinced many that the devil doesn’t even exist. Rea

lity is though particularly if you are from much higher dimensions, as light workers and starseeds the second you step foot upon the earth they h

ave been trying to destroy you. This is why we as light workers face so much trial and tribulation. They work through people, the media, and through the psychic realms. There are those of course who have had it easy as light workers, but there are also those of us who are lucky to still be alive given all the attempts of the dark forces to destroy us.

They have really done their best and many have fallen, but all is not lost for we can heal through it all in Christ and Christ alone. Yet we should not fear the dark forces for our fear only feeds them, the key is to not resist them and to illuminate the darkness with the divine light and love of Christ. As we illuminate the space with love all darkness disappears, it transform into light, like a bright light coming into a dark room, our love transforms the darkness into light. Where it is the love and light of Christ that is the key for clearing, transmuting and ascending beyond the lower vibrational frequencies.

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