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The Great Abyss

When I was really young I had this reoccurring dream I was falling of a really tall waterfall.

I then would awaken in my bed, heart beating.

As I have grown and awakened, I understand today what that dream was communicating to me, my incarnation into earth. The vibrational shift in consciousness into a lower density, cast in darkness.

The fall from the ancient future parallel universe to earth, the universe my higher self resides. This is the universe where our planet Gaia was before she fell into the great abyss at an early point along the Galactic a year Cycle.

This is similar to how I see the fall into the great Abyss
The Fall into the great Abyss looks similar to this artwork. (Artist unknown please contact for feature).

This is the universe I am here to assist Gaia and all those upon Gaias lands in returning to.

My awakenings in recent year have revealed much about where I am from, beyond the abyss Earth fell into. A beautiful universe beyond all darkness, vast and divine. It is magnetical beyond the laws of polarity, light and celestial, the darkest color is a deep Sapphire blue, which you see as you journey through the cosmos. On the earth the crystalline Kingdoms reign tall and divine, sparkling with crystalline light.

Then there is a hole of the great abyss it looks like a void of time. It is sealed by the element of the aether. Where to get to the new universe we must journey through the element of the aether.

The element of the aether is encoded through our human DNA, template of the Akashic Records. For more information enrol on our Sacred Geometry level 1 initiation

The gateway to the new universe is through our DNA, the element providing the central glue to this upgrade, where we can find the aether is encoded throughout our DNA, a template for the great Akash. For more information on the element of the aether, Akash and your DNA, we recommend you enrol on our Sacred Geometry level 1 initiation, where we provide you with the geometric template for this.

Giant Tree

I have been shown there was once Giant trees that grew tall into the heavens connecting the sky, aether and the earth.

They were cut by the fallen angels, creating a tear in the great Akash where the universe split. The giants of light ascended with the ascended Earth and crystalline Kingdoms of Light, where the fallen angles of darkness descended with the earth and Gaia fell into the great Abyss.

A great cataclysm occurred on the earth, where the earth was flooded with water clearing all in its path. The great flood.

The Ascending Kingdoms of Light

It was as though the heavens fell to the earth and a parallel universe of the Earth cast into darkness was formed.

Like falling off a giant water fall.

The Great Abyss

In turn the laws of polarity were formed and the learning ground for duality, which in turn brings accelerated growth. Part of larger plan of the God source of course.

The Two Universes coexisting. The ascended Kingdoms of light, where all is divine and then there was the great Abyss, a universe where polarity and darkness was experienced.

I was shown how this was also a gradual descension, many events occurred where the earth fell more over the past 100,000,000 years.

There was the war of giants where the volcanos I have been shown are the remains of nuclear explosions, where the liquid magma cast many of the giants into stone.

I have been shown Volcanos are the remains of a nuclear war of Giants.

The echos of which can be seen in the devastation of the famous volcano of Mount Vesuvius destroyed the city of Pompeii in A.D. 79, where humans were also cast into stone. The remains of the giants of these times can be found all around the earth.

People cast into stone in Mount Vesuvius

Similar effect to the Mount Vesuvius disaster can be seen around the world of molten lava casting the ancient times of gaints into stone. Many of the giants disguised as mountains.

Photographic research by @sibs_on_insta (follow on instagram).

The myths live on until this present day of giants turning to stone. Also of Jack and the bean stalk, so one can only begin to question, given all that I have shown you, whether these stories are echos of memories from our past.

Giant trees connected the earth and the aether, when they were cut they created a tear within the great Akash forming a new universe cast into the great abyss.. The element of the aether is the template for the Akash. (Artist unknown please contact for feature).

The giant trees connecting the heaven and the earth is a whole topic within itself that I shall address in more depth soon, but in summery what I have been shown is these trees were not how we know trees today, they were crystalline at nature and in divine union with the element of the aether. Many of the remains of trees can be found around the Earth

Research on the Giant trees, I will explore deeper in another blog- or you can access more information on this in our Sacred Geometry level 1 initiation.

The tear in the great Akash, created the Parallel Universes, I see the break away looked like this, as the Kingdoms of light Ascended with the heavens, and as earth fell descending into the the great abyss.

This is how I have been shown the universe was cast into darkness and void of time.

The great abyss really quite small. Nothing in comparison to the kingdoms of light, which are vast in expanse. The parallel expression of which are infinitely divine and this is where we are now returning to.

We are returning to the Kingdoms of Heaven (artist unknown please contact for feature)

The humans were cast however into the void of time, for lessons they had to learn. Lessons that are now coming into completion where in turn we are moving beyond the void of space and time, becoming multidimensional and returning to the divine crystalline kingdoms of Light.

The tear in the great Akash, created the Parallel Universes, I see the break away looked like this, as the Kingdoms of light Ascended with the heavens, and as earth fell descending into the the great abyss. (Artist Unknown please contact for feature).

In becoming aware of our past, we can become aware of our future for all is a cycle. As we remember how earth descended into the great abyss we also remember how to return.

Where some of the greatest key I have uncovered are the keys of the element of the aether and template of the Akashic records. Much of my work these days is facilitating humanity in learning to see the multidimensional realms, upgrading to the crystalline DNA and in turn light body integration, where the element of the aether- a plasma like material, is key for this upgrade and multidimensional shift in consciousness. Attuning the element of aether of your being to the frequency and consciousness of love, assists you in greater ascending and embodying your New Earth multidimensional body of light, and in turn aligning with the consciousness of the New Universe.

Tune into Our Sacred Geometry Level 1 Initiation video course At the School of Creation to learn more about how you can upgrade, and learn to multidimensionality, as well as how you can begin to work with the element of the aether to assist this shift in consciousness.

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