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Ascension Mathematics

Ascension is understood and depicted in many different ways. What has been shown to me by my higher self is the multidimensional shift in awareness. I am shown ascension from many different angels, where in summary the human DNA recalibrate into multidimensional consciousness.

The impact can be felt throughout our whole entire being and reality.

It is such a profound shift in awareness, to understand the way in which reality shifts and how it feels, think in terms of mathematical equations, where it is the equivalent to turning 90 degrees within your self and consciousness.

I was shown this one night upon the astral realms when visited by some of my male teachers from the order of Melchizedek- Ra, Horus and Thoth came to visit me together, where they passed onto me some incredible information. I have since had further confirmation of from other sources in regard to the mathematic of ascension.

They gave me a highly complex mathematical equation. That filled the space behind me in the astral realms in summary of how the initial 90 degree shift we experience in states of multidimensional ascension within our being is mathematical accountable for.

This experience within the astrals realms seemed very straight forward, where I remember thinking- “Oh yes that I so obvious, how could I forget?” The equation they spelled out from the consciousness I was in, seemed as easy as adding a simple equation together such 1+1. Yet this all changed and began to morph into an incredibly complex formula to get my head around as I journeyed back into my body.

I attempted to jot down this complex equation that consisted of symbols some of which that I don’t even know have been discovered yet or used by even the most advanced physicians on the planet. The information I retained as the answer of this huge equation, was that of the 90 degree shift that is experienced for one who moves beyond the time space reality within their embodiment.

This was the year I spent in the Himalayas, where upon many of the things I was shown as I journeyed into the mountain realms was the ancient remains of an ascended empire of Giants and dragons. (I know right, far out, it took me 4 months to adjust to the frequency).

I was shown how 100,000,000 years ago very tall giants of light reigned the earth in magnificent Kingdoms caved through the technology of unity consciousness, in harmony with Gaia. I spent 4 months in Dharmashala, living in the town built upon the remains of one of their long forgotten Kingdoms, buried beneath the ancient lands disguised as mountains.

So giant many do not see it, where it is hidden in plain sight, the world weaving through and around it as though nothing was ever there. Amongst many things, I was shown the fall of this time, where in the process I was guided to the foot of a multidimensional staircase of ascension through which the giants and dragons did ascend.

I journeyed into another dimension that day, like nothing I have ever been through before, where as I walked up the staircase of the ancient long forgotten kingdom of the elders, I found myself shifting 90 degrees upon the weaving staircase that I was walking. As I recall in my mind it was a more subtle experience than what you would imagine walking along the famous MC Escher staircase in his painting ‘relativity.’

I had to stop in my tracks as time and space began to dissolve. I felt as though I was clinging to the edge of the earth, I felt the core of the earth burning at the centre of our planet as it hurtled through outer space. I saw the stars, sun, moon, planets and galaxy surrounding me clinging to the edge of the earth, as watched from a perspective I have only seen before on the astral realms, but for the first time I was fully lucid in my body.

I stopped climbing the staircase and sat down grounding myself back into 3D. “Woahhhh.” I thought to myself as my guides reminded me of the 90 degree shift they had shown me before.

My heart was beating fast, all I could think about was how little time was left and much of the humanity we still had to ascend. It was like being struck with a lightning bolt of awakening.

There are many light workers who I love and vibe with around the world, who speak of it not being our responsibility to wake up the people. For me this is the polar opposite to what I feel I am here to do- which is exactly that wake up the people and ascend as many as possible. This is part of my mission with my new oracle card deck- Wisdom Keepers Keys to ascension. This Artwork being one of the the Keys, the name of which we be revealed upon the release.

I have spent the last 6 and a half years downloading information for them, 1 year designing them. The name and idea came when I woke up one night me heart racing, breathing deep and on high alert. I had a disturbing dream. Beautiful, highly educational, yet one that shook the entirety of my being.

I had been shown ascension from another angle. As though I were zoomed out watching a spiral staircase between the heavens and earth. I was shown those ascending in light and those in the grey zone, I was shown people from throughout my life, people I went to school with, people I loved. I then looked further down the spiral, and saw the fiery furnaces of hell. Hallowing and raw in pain. “Don’t look there.” my higher self said. “We are going here and taking as many as we can with us,” my higher self spoke, as I was guided up the spiral of ascension, seeing and passing different people I knew from this life time as I journeyed all the way back to the source. A light so very familiar it felt like home, Where everything was so simple, pure, and harmonic, so very peaceful and divine, all fears dissolved all that was left was divine light.

I was then shown the spiral of ascension, from heaven to hell again, where I began to feel the astral reality spinning as I journeyed back to my body. “Give as many people your keys E.” The voice of my higher self echoed as I began to transition into waking. I opened my eyes. “Give as many people your keys E.” I the voice of my higher spoke once more.

There are many ways in which I offer my keys of ascension, this oracle card deck is a big offering. Where I have spent a lot of time fine tuning each card creating a deck of keys that I have found to be of greatest use, create this biggest shifts, breakthroughs, awakenings and that have opened doors when I have felt stuck along my journey.

I am bringing the finishing touches to the deck and guidebook, getting ready to launch soon, where I am excited to bring you this first publishing of crystalline light through the channel of E to the planet in this incarnation of me.

I am sure there will be many more, but the first is always a special one, especially seeing as it holds deep keys to enable you to see, beyond the physicality. Quite literally- that is the power of the light language sacred geometry, it is a visual bridge into greater heights of multidimensionality.


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