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Returning to The Kingdoms of Light

Depiction of the Ascension before time as the giant trees were cut (Artist unknown please contact for feature).

Earlier on in the galactic year cycle great tall trees grew up reaching into the heavens. They connected the skies, aether and the earth, encoded through them the element of the aether

The Kingdoms of Light reigned tall and Nobel on Gaias lands, until the trees were cut by the fallen angels. When they were cut they created a tear in the great Akash splitting the heavens and the Earth. Creating parallel universes of the Earth.

The earth was cast into darkness, where it fell into the great abyss, and the laws of polarity were created, and in turn growth through duality was created in a new universal plane of existence and experience.

Now these laws have served their purpose and Earth is returning to the Crystalline Kingdoms of light, she is ascending beyond the darkness in the next 100-1000-100,000 year gateway where all those upon Gaias lands are being invited to ascend with her.

In this transition the element of the aether (template of the akashic records) provides the key glue and gateway for ascension and returning to the kingdoms of light, which always existed in the ancient/ future parallel universe of the earth.

Depiction of the Ascension before time as the giant trees were cut (Artist unknown please contact for feature).

I have been awakening to this wisdom these past years since I first met the giant white dragons in the Himalayas. They showed me the Kingdoms of light in the horizon of the earths aether returning to the earths. I do believe these are the Kingdoms that Jesus spoke of, and they are now before us as a humanity, in completion of the the ancient prophesy that has been spoken of since the beginning of time.

The Himalayas is one of the key nodal points where the kingdoms of light were and tore away as the Akash split. It looked something like this- in these images.

And guess what? The ascension also looks something like this as we re-merge with the ancient/ future universe of our past completing the galactic year cycle.

There is much more to come in relation to this topic, this is just the beginning of humanities remembering.

Artist from left to right: Sword Art Online 4, Unknown, Naohisa Inoue, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Many of the Artists featured are unknown, but if you know then please contact me to be featured. A load of images have come into my experience in recent days to help me tell this story and to help you see, where I thank you the larger plan at work, I am in awe of it all. I have been seeing images like this in my third eye for some time, but to learn there are those on the earth crystallizing these images like this is amazing.

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