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The Sacred Geometry Course

Sacred Geometry beholds the template of creation it is the language and blueprint of creation.


Everything within existence can be measured on a geometric scale. For this reason in understanding the Sacred Geometry, you greater understand yourself and the nature of reality.


The Benefits of sacred geometry are infinite just like geometries nature, there is no end in how it can be applied and how it can enhance your life. From third eye activation, balancing of YIN and YANG, facilitating a multidimensional awakening, and also generating positive energy throughout your reality.


This is why at the school of creation sacred geometry is one of the central tools we use, share and work with. In this video course, you will receive access to a simple to understand approach to the the deeply insightful universal law of sacred geometry.


Over the course of 8 video lessons, I will guide you through the universal Law of Sacred Geometry. This is a video course that you can take at your own pace. You will receive life time access to the course and online porthole.


You will receive:

• 8 video lessons

• Sacred Geometry Graphics

• Online School Course Porthole

• Exclusive Access to the Sacred Geometry Library

• Additional Resources

• Bonus meditation + video


Course Content overview: 


Video Lessons:

The video lessons are designed for you to take at your own pace and to focus in on the most important foundation wisdom in the universal Law of Sacred Geometry.


Introduction to sacred Geometry

Lesson One- The Pattern of Creation

Lesson Two- The Platonic Solids

Lesson Three- Fibonacci

Lesson Four- Vibration and frequency 

Lesson Five- History of Sacred Geometry

Lesson Six- Multidimensional Nature of reality 

Lesson Seven- Light body and sacred geometry

Lesson Eight- crystalline consciousness 


Please let me know if you have any questions,


I look forward to seeing you on the inside.


All my Love,


E.L Light


The Sacred Geometry Course

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$77.00Sale Price
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