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Sacred Geometry Masterclass

Sacred geometry is a language of the divine, and a map through the dimensions.


The keys of sacred geometry are an incredible tool to greatly facilitate the expansion of your consciousness, depth in understanding of the nature of reality and provide bridge you a visual bridge and guide into multidimensional awareness.


Working with sacred geometry activates your third eye and connects nodal points within your brain forming new neutron pathways in the process making you more intelligent. It is a very deep and infinitely expanding language, where through working with it you accelerate your awakening profoundly, where in the process the way you see the world will never be the same again. You truly begin to awaken to the magic in a very scientific and tangible way to understand, where the once seemingly abstract becomes much more comprehendible.


Geometry connects both the left (Masculine) and the right (feminine) side of the brain, the analytical, scientific Yang attributes with the creative, philosophical Yin attributes. As you awaken the beautiful universal Law of sacred geometry which is deeply encoded throughout the nature of reality, you begin to return to source consciousness in greater heights than before where it becomes much easier to conceptualise the non physical, where geometry essentially connects the dots. 


I invite you on a journey with me through the dimensions, where I will be sharing with you keys of geometry for you to greater understand the nature of reality and to bridge you consciousness in greater heights of multidimensionality. 


I was guided to the study of sacred geometry over six years ago now, where I have been deeply involved in the study and language of geometry ever since, it is a journey and practise that has completely transformed and continues to transform my state of consciousness and life as a whole.


In this online 2 part event I will be shining light of keys geometry to activate your third eye and elevate you into greater heights of understanding the nature fo reality and creation.


Learn about:


  • The Pattern of Creation
  • Laws of Vibration in relation to geometry
  • The Platonic solids 
  • The law of Attraction in relation to geometry
  • How to draw geometry
  • Geometry throughout nature
  • Geometry throughout history
  • Ancient History of Geometry
  • Geometry and the fall of Atlantis
  • The Crystalline Grid
  • Merkabah technology 
  • Pyramid technology
  • Crop circle technology
  • 4th dimensional geometry
  • 5D consciousness
  • The elements/ Platonic solids 
  • Geometry and the Chakras 
  • Geometry and the New Earth Light body
  • Geometry and Magic
  • Geometry and DNA
  • Geometry and consciousness
  • Geometry and Nodes
  • Geometry and Light Language
  • Third Eye Activation


Live Masterclass Recordings:


Part 1: Ancient Keys Of Geometry 

Part 2: New Earth Consciousness and Geometry


Each session will last 1.5- 2 hours long where 1-1.5 hours will be theory and half an hour and at the end of each session I will be offering a Third Eye DNA Light body Activation Meditation through the language of light. 


For all questions please contact E.Light At


Love and Blessings,




Sacred Geometry Masterclass

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