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Montserrat Spring Equinox New Earth Activation

I am excited to share with you our next Montserrat adveture!


On the 20th March 2021 for Spring Equinox I will be guiding a group in Montserrat. 


The equinox is a powerful gateway where the energies are heightened and mark an astrological transition of the seasons. Spring is the season where the seeds we have planted begin to sprout and blossom into beautiful flowers. On this day of sacred retreat we will be focusing on activating, upgrading and awakening upon the Montserrat vortex and gateway to new earth. 


I invite you to join me as I guide a special group for a day of activation, awakening and elevation of consciousness in this new earth vortex and city of light. We will be connecting with the wisdom of the elders and anchoring in key ascension codes, connecting with the spirit of Montserrat and awakening to the wisdom in which she gifts to you as we ignite light upon her lands.


Montserrat is a gateway to new earth and powerful vortex which heightens the energies of the equinox. This facilitates manifestation abilities as well as enhancing the power the ceremony and all the light we create in the process.


We will be journeying through the equinox gateway as a group and anchoring codes of the new universal consciousness upgrading with the powerful assistance of the diamond light.


We meet at 10 am.


The meeting place is availble upon booking.


The Equinox is at 10.37am where following the equinox transition we will spend the day in ceremony, creation, activation and celebration in energies of the new planetary vibration. 


We make time for a ceremony offering to Montserrat which facilities your connection with the mountain. An offering can be anything from crystals, to flowers, to seed, plants or food. 


We will end the meeting at around 4pm and take time for lunch inbetween.


Please bring your own lunch, comfortable clothing, a pen and paper, water and an offering to the mountain if you would like to.


What to expect:


💎Diamond light

💎Light Language

💎Crystalline consciousness


💎New Earth activation

💎Light body upgrades

💎Sacred Ceremony


Spaces are limited so please book early to reserve you place.


Early bird tickets are availble until Sunday 14th March for 55€

Sandard ticket are availble from Sunday 14th for 77€





Montserrat Spring Equinox New Earth Activation

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