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Darkness Back to Light

A big part of my journey in recent years has been assisting the disclosure of much of darkness behind the scenes. I get it can be very challenging, traumatic and leave you feeling like you can’t go on at times, yet you have the power within to transcend all of this darkness, returning to the light.

And ascend we shall. Yet to really ascend we must get grounded, and embodied and self aware, where it is important to know what is going on, yet not get sucked into it all.

Here it can really assist to remember to priorities our spiritual development, training, practise and becoming our greatest version- this is what will get us through the times that now here.

Focus into the light, it guides you home to the source. When darkness surfaces integrate it, use the darkness, the duality to love our core divine expression, as a platform to return to greater light than ever before, to return to greater love, states of self awareness and mastery than ever before.

Don’t avoid the darkness, there is nothing there to fear, because if you bring your awareness to it (you bring your light to it), it is disappears and turns into light. Just like taking a bright light into a dark room- what happens to the darkness? It disappears, it turns into light. That is because it too is light at its core. It too is love at it’s core- it just hasn’t realised itself yet that is why it is dark, it is ignorant of itself.

So, to transcend the darkness learn to appreciate the duality as a means for great potentiality to be, in returning to the light, which we all have the capacity to do infinitely through the focus of our thoughts.

No matter where you are, no matter how dark things may seem and how alone you may feel, you have the power within, to truly begin to focus into a better reality. A reality that is of light.

And that is all you got to do, focus your thoughts into light (into better feeling thoughts, the more positive your thoughts the better they feel) and the law of attraction is going to be bringing you better feelings thoughts, and better feeling thoughts and betters feeling thoughts and better feeling emotions.. and boom your ascended into a higher vibrational state of being.

Keep at it and watch as your reality surrounding you shift to mirror the direction in which you focus and your new found high vibrational state of embodiment.

Ascension has many definitions, layers and levels to it, but essentially is a matter of raising your vibration, to ascend, to return to love consciousness in all that we are, aligning in great embodiment of our divine core expression.

Rays of Crystalline Light to you all around the world,


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