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If you are ready to take your spiritual ascension and service to the next level, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you want to upgrade your multidimensional abilities, activate your New Earth Crystalline Diamond Light body or rise as a leader of light in these times getting paid abundantly for your sacred service to humanity, it is all possible and yours for the creation as you attune to your highest timeline.

Welcome beautiful soul to

The Light Leaders Institute of multidimensional awakening, magic and money founded by me Ellen Holmes

Ellen Holmes is a CEO, Executive Art Director, Ascension coach and business strategist

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You are here on divine purpose, here to have huge impact on the earth for the greater good of all. You have your own unique soul blue print, God given gifts abilities and magic, that you deserve to be abundantly supported for in sacred service.

I am here to assist you in becoming crystal clear on your soul purpose, turning your magic into money and making your dream life a reality!!!

I stand for financial sovereignty and empowerment of the magic people of the earth, the healers, mystics and spiritual light workers ,calling and holding space for you to rise and light up the world in the way that you were born to.

I am focused on assisting you in:

Activating your multidimensional God given gifts, abilities, diamond light body and magic.

Becoming crystal clear on your soul purpose. 

Turning your magic into money so that you get paid abundantly for your service to humanity 

Attuning to your highest timeline to create the life of your dreams and that you came here to live!

Rising as a leader of light in these times and unstoppable beacon of ascension 

Lighting up the world in the way that you were born to



Work with me 1:1

Work with me 1:1 in one of my signature coaching programs

Join our video academy

Access over 80+ activation meditations, 44+ video classes, video courses, masterclasses, geometries, video tutorials and light body activations in our online academy



My agency here to assist you in elevating your online brand or project to the next level. Offering media services for consciousness brands, video, design, website, branding, speaking opportunities & media coverage 

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It is time for you to:

Activate your multidimensional God given gifts, abilities and magic

Upgrade to your diamond light body

Become crystal clear on your soul purpose

Manifest the abundance of your higher self turn your magic into money so that you get paid abundantly for your service to humanity 

Attune to your highest timeline to create the life of your dreams and that you came here to live!

Shine your light bright and embody your souls essence unapologetically 

Rise as a leader of light in these times and beacon of ascension and Light up the world in the way that you were born to


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More About me

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Empowering Leaders of Light to Illuminate the World.


Greetings, seekers and leaders of enlightenment and transformation!


I am Ellen Holmes, AKA E.L Light. An executive art Director, Ascension coach and business strategist.


Following a Kundalini awakening in 2013 I stepped onto the path of spiritual healing and self mastery. I have spent much time traveling the world around living in different countries studying with different masters, Gurus, swamis, monks and Shaman both ancient and new healing modalities from Reiki, to Theta Healing Kundalini yoga, shamanism, qigong, meditation, sacred geometry and light language. Today I combine the most powerful techniques I have learnt along my journey to assist leaders in rising, having the greatest impact possible on the planet, empowering humanity and paving the way forward to the New Earth.


I co-founded my first company in 2017 We Are Love a conscious events a media agency. Giving me a rich background in business advising and directing world class transformational events, media services and coaching visionary leaders. I am deeply passionate about helping individuals unlock their super human potential, align with their soul's purpose and expanding their horizons as to what they are capable of in this life time.


I have worked with 7 figure CEOS, fortune 100 executives and some of the worlds most influential leaders in the healing sphere.


As a Co-founder of We are Love Int Company and The Ufology World Congress, I've had the privilege of assisting in orchestrating over 200 consciousness-expanding conferences worldwide, uniting luminaries throughout the fields of science, politics and spirituality. Through these platforms, we've cultivated spaces for profound exploration, education, and empowerment.


My coaching practice specialises in assisting leaders of light in awakening their spiritual gifts, activating their multidimensional abilities, and unlocking abundance in alignment with their divine mission. Whether you're seeking to turn your magic into money or scale your spiritual business to 5-figure months, I'm here to guide you on your journey to success and fulfilment.


My Media and talent agency is here to assist influencers and leaders with divine purpose on earth in elevating their online brand and message to the next level. We offer world class multi-media services Including website design, graphic design, audio visual video effects, photography, marketing services, public speaking opportunities, media exposure and business coaching.


If you're ready to step into your greatest potential, have the impact on earth you have always dreamed of and manifest a life of abundance and purpose, let's connect!


Book a free discovery call here:

Love and Blessings


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"E Light is not only a powerful channeler and healer she is a multidimensional being reincarnated here to expand love consciousness on Gaia. Her ability to reflect what you need to work on and heal is tremendous and her connection with the source is simply beautiful to see and feel. Your inner love consciousness at your core starts expanding and your cells being to awaken as soon as you hear her light language. I'm so grateful to have met her and for reminding me of who I am."


"Listening to the vibration of her light language you feel... "

Ahh, I'm home now. Everything is fine. Rest well." 

Peace and calm comes as a natural state.

Thank you E.Light for being such a close guide and bringing us a piece of heaven to Earth."


"I feel like we opened a beautiful door that leads me to unlimited potential. I believe working with E has had a profound effect on me. I'm already beginning to notice the subtle and profound changes.

E gives us a powerful tool to continue working on ourselves, shows us the gateway, and helps us take the first steps towards the limitless, towards the best version of ourselves. Thank you."


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