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The Temple of light is our new Sacred Space for crystalline Light language initiation, activation and upgrades. To celebrate the opening of the new online temple we invite you to a 3 day event awakening to the New Earth Crystalline consciousness through the language of light.

Light language is the language of the soul, it is the language of love and of your core expression, it is the mother tongue and beholds great healing capacity, where it provides a powerful vehicle of ascension to facilitate the process of returning to our core source expression.

In this 3 day free online event E Light will be assisting you in tapping into the crystalline frequency through the language of Light. Working with the crystal and diamond rays of light to activate and upgrade your Light body vessel and multidimensional abilities.

Day 1: Crystalline Plasma Light body Activation (10th June 7pm)
Day 2: Crystal Light Activation (11th June 11am)
Day 3: Diamond light Activation (
12th June 11am)

Over the course of 3 days you will receive 3 activations. Each activation will about 1 hour. You will receive the link to the event via email.

Activate your
crystalline Light body


crystalline consciousness is the consciousness of new earth. Upgrade to the crystalline frequency with e Light

"E Light’s masterclass and light language activations are powerful my first entry ( but real entry ) to 5th dimension or any other dimension unknown for me was through and after E Light activation ! I started seeing amazing colour in trees, soil and plants as never have seen before ! 

An  incredible experience"  


"Thank you so much for hosting this course. It was so activating for me, honestly one of the more transformative workshops I have ever done. It really unlocked some artistry codes within me. Divine timing I think. Thank you for holding the space and shining light."


"I can't describe the experience, transmuting my energy into higher levels. Im so thankful E, acquiring this sacred knowledge. I appreciate wholeheartedly ."


"Since doing the light language course I thought about places like Jerusalem and where Jesus was and I can feel the energy that was there and still there. I am starting to understand Christ consciousness In different ways I couldn’t see before."


"I am surprised by how well you designed the course, how wonderful it has been and how much you have inspired me. Now I know a method to connect with my emotions from my heart and create positive energy around my way. So much Love"


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