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Wisdom of The Akash

The new universal consciousness is one that works in direct coherence with the element of the Aether, in direct coherence with the wisdom of the Akash.


The Akash aka the Akashic records are the records of all that is. Every life time is there, past, present, future and parallel life times are all in the Akash. Every thought every emotional every potential time line is all in the Akash. It has been referred to in the past as the mind of God and for good reason. When it comes to working with the Akashic wisdom in the new universal consciousness it really does become a matter of how far can you take your consciousness? 


The difference between the Akashic wisdom before 2012 and after 2012 due to new planetary alignments within the universe, is we are in the midst of a profound universal shift and upgrade, where the capacity to be able to take control and command of you Akash is what has now become available to humanity. 


Woven through your DNA are Akashic membranes which are gateways to the infinite expanse of the Akash. The Akashic membranes woven through your DNA filter in and out the information that you take on through the Akash into your current embodiment. This is how Karma is passed down life time after life time. It is a matter of your Akashic coding.


Working with the wisdom of the Akash in the new universal consciousness becomes a matter of commanding the Akash rather than letting it hold influence over you. Karma is a universal law that is coming into completion and is no longer necessary in the way it once was in ensuring balance and equilibrium throughout the universe, for the very nature of this universe is changing. The consciousness awakened as you learn how to command your Akash amongst the many other things enables you to end all karma, which is only just the beginning


It is a game changer awakening to the wisdom of the Akash, that every human has the right to know about where your potentiality and capacity as a human expands exponentially in the process. It is time to awaken the master potential within the humanities collective consciousness. 


In the wisdom of the Akash masterclass we bridge to you keys of the Akash and the Etheric wisdom.


You will learn:


  • New universal Akashic wisdom
  • How to Unlock the blueprint, template and greater embodiment of your new earth light body
  • How to command your Akash
  • How to end Karma
  • How to work with the Akash to activate certain states of consciousness throughout your being, 
  • How to work with the Akash to manifest


What to expect:


  • Light language
  • Akashic wisdom
  • Etheric wisdom
  • Sacred Geometry
  • DNA crystalline light body activation 
  • Light language. 


The masterclass is be given in both English and Spanish. 




Standard ticket 44€ 

Tickets are included for diamond and crystal members


Love and Blessings






Wisdom of The Akash

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