This piece of Art is designed to facilitate Third Eye Activation, where it stimulates the pineal gland and assists greater multidimensional awareness and sight through applying the ancient wisdom and art of sacred geometry.


It features the pattern of creation, which is the blue print of the universal material for creation, and the fruit of life. The fruit of life is for you to discover through journeying into the art work, where in the process due to the positioning and geometric alignments, your third eye is stimulated. Your third eye, just like your other two eyes, is like a muscle where the more you exercise it the stronger it becomes. This piece of art and healing tool is designed to help you do just that- exercise and begin to see again beyond the physicality into multidimensionality.


This is a powerful meditation tool, and also assist in providing energetic protection for a space and environment, where it purifies energy through the neutral attunement of geometry provides, where we have charged this particular piece into high and positive vibration through the codes of light we woven through.

The Fruit of Life Fruit

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