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Montserrat Full Day Summer Solstice

This Ticket is for the 20th of June Montserrat experience only


On summer solstice the is where the Earth's poles has its maximum tilt toward the Sun. This is the longest day of the year with special solar energies flooding into the planet.


This Summer solstice I invite you on a special two day adventure with me starting off in Montserrat on Sunday 20th June for a day in ceremony, activation and adventure, and finishing on the Monday evening on the 21st June in a special location by the sea for and ocean ceremony. 


Montserrat 20th (THIS TICKET INCLUDES):


Montserrat Part 1

11am- 4pm

In Montserrat we will be welcoming in the new solstice occurring in the evening of the 20th June. 10am- 4pm. I will be guiding the group to the elephant of Montserrat. This is a powerful location and beautiful view of the mountain. We will do a special ceremony at the elephant. The elephant on Montserrat is a powerful gateway opener, where it activates, strength, removing all resistance in your path, joy, success, happiness, prosperity, new beginnings and good luck. I will be guiding you in connecting to the crystalline grid and mountain spirit where we will create a sacred alter to facilitate the planetary activation. I invite you to dress in white for this day of sacred ceremony and activation. 


Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and reading to hike. It takes 1.5 hours to walk up to the elephant, we will take it easy and make several stops along the way to further activate and connect with the mountain. It will be a special and highly activating day, it is one of my favourite places to guide groups on the mountain, the view and energy is simply wonderful. We will be meeting on the Monastery side of the mountain easily accessible via train.


I invite you to bring an offering to the mountain such as flowers crystals and prayers. The day ceremony will end around 4pm. Where you may like to stay upon the mountain for the night. This is not included in the price and is optional for you to organise.


There is camping 5€ a head, or there is also the hotel to stay on the mountain.


Montserrat 21st Part 2 (NOT INCLUDED IN THIS TICKET):

8am- 11am

In the morning of the 21st from 8am we will have a morning ceremony in honour of the new beginning and the second half of the year. 8am-11am. We will activating new goals, visions and intentions in the solstice new year energies and will be arching light across the mountain from the location that we were on the 20th, setting the intention to arc light as we travel from the mountain following the ceremony and in and preparing to arch it to Barcelona oceans, where another ceremony with the sisterhood of light will take place in the evening of the 21st at 7pm. 


Free time between 11pm- 7pm (travel from the mountain to next location) If you would like to get the train with me to the next location we will be meeting at Barcelona Sants at 17:45, to get the 18:13 train ❤️


Sisterhood of Light Ocean ceremony 7pm 21st June (NOT INCLUDED IN THIS TICKET):


In the evening at 7pm we will be joining with the sisterhood of light by the oceans of Barcelona in Garraf where we will be cohosting a shamanic ocean ceremony, sending love, light and prayer and elevating consciousness for the planet into the oceans. Water is a special molecule element and sacred spirit, where it records information which it then passes onto the surrounding water molecules. Ocean ceremonies are a very powerful way to elevate the vibration of the ocean body and the planet in the process. This will be a special ceremony, where we ask you to dress in white, and come with an offering to the oceans. Such as flowers or crystals- something to go into the ocean. We will be creating a special geometric alter to facilitate this activation. Where we will be bridging the light codes activating in Montserrat into the ocean in the process. All are welcome to join this ceremony, both men and women, this is guided by the sisterhood of light, but all are invited. It will be a special meeting, further enhanced by the Montserrat activations and ceremonies. Be sure to be there as we celebrate in the solar energies of the Solstice. Location Garraf is right by the train station easily accessible from Barcelona via train.


This Ticket experience includes:


💎 Full day of the 20th June

💎 Light Language Activations

💎 Meditation

💎 Montserrat Sacred Ceremony

💎 New Earth crystalline diamond consciousness

💎 Soul Family connections


Energy exhange pricing


This ticket : Price for Montserrat Day One (20th June) 77€


Other ticket options:


Full experieince:

Early bird price for full experience 111€ (does not include travel of food) until the 11th June 2021

Standard Price for full experience is 144€ (does not include travel of food) From the 11th June 2021


Single experiences: 

Price for Montserrat Day One (20th June)  77€

Price for Montserrat Morning ceremony (21st June) 40€

Price for Sisterhood of Light Ocean evening ceremony in Garraf beach (21st June) 40€


Please let me know if you have any questions


Much Love,





Montserrat Full Day Summer Solstice

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