Summer Solstice New Earth Awakening


On Sunday the 21st June 2020 a powerful New Earth gateway will open where the Summer Solstice and New Moon combine in a rare astrological cohesion and alignment. This causes the energies flooding into the planet to be incredibly profound, activating and accelerating in the power they carry for heightened manifestation, awakening and transformation. 


We invite you to journey through this powerful gateway with the Sisterhood of Light, working with sacred chanting, movement, ceremony, manifesting keys, light language and the wisdom of the womb, as we tune in from all around the world connecting with sisters of many origins. 


This beautiful New Earth event will be co facilitated by Elena Delendi and E.L.Light where Elena is in the Northern Hemisphere of the world, in the vortex of Ibiza where it is summer solstice and E is in the  Southern Hemisphere, in the Sacred Valley of Peru Vortex where we will be arcing crystalline light around the globe facilitating a very powerful planetary activation. 


Come join us on this day of celebration as we guide you to tap into the powerful manifesting energies of this galactic gateway, harnessing the power within that is further amplified by the astrological alignments of the solstice. We hold sister around the world and rise together in celebration of the return in humanities remember of the divine feminine wisdom.


What to expect


💎Manifesting keys and tools

💎Abundance rituals

💎Light Language

💎Sacred Chanting exercises

💎Movement exercises

💎Sisterhood circle

💎Divine Feminine Wisdom

💎Crystalline DNA Light body Activation



The event will be 2 hours long, in both English and Spanish, starting at 7pm GMT+2.


The meeting will take place on Zoom where you will be sent the link via your email on the day of the event. You shall receive the recording after the event also for you to download and watch back as you please.


Early Bird ticket First release- £19 until the 11th June

Early Bird ticket Second Release£25 until the 17th June

Final Ticket Price- £30 from the 17th June


If you have any questions please message E at


We Look forward to seeing the group that comes together,


Blessings of Light



Summer Solstice Crystal Light Gateway

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