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Sacred Geometry Workshop

On the 23rd of June in union with the Cosmic Spirit Festival brought to you by The Cosmic Soul Centre I will be giving a Sacred Geometry workshop at the cosmic soul centre. We will be exploring the sacred geometry, the nature of it and how you can draw it. 


I will be guiding you in creating Yantra Art Mandalas by hand and sharing how the Sacred Geometry Yantra technology can assist you to enhance your life. Yantra art has long been considered by Ancient tantric and Tibetan traditions as a fundamental component on the path to enlightenment, we will be exploring deeper this wisdom and how you can work with yantra technology to elevate your vibration, activate divine protection, connect with the sacred spirit and how you can work with Yantras to manifest.


I will be guiding you in how you can make art with The Sacred Geometry in a 3 hours workshop with tools and techniques that you can take with you and continue to explore beyond the workshop to enhance your light and life as you journey forward.


There are only a few spaces available so be sure to book early to reserve your place.


The workshop is at 11am on the 23rd June 2020 at the Cosmic Soul Centre.


The address will be given to you upon booking.


I will also be participating in a further 2 events in union with the Cosmic Spirit festival. An Ocean ceremony (Included in the full Soltice retreat) and an additional Montserrat ceremony on the 26th June. To join all 3 events please private book, you can email me to book at


Love and blessings



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Sacred Geometry Workshop

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