This is the recording of the live online event and Pleiadian light activation that took place the 27th March 2020 at 7pm GMT on behalf of the family of light, co-facilitated by the sacred union of Pleiadian ambassadors E and Marc.


The Pleiadians are humanities star mothers from the star constellation the Pleiades, who planted us here upon the planet around 125,000 years ago. Ever since they have been watching over us as we evolve and awakening. At times working very closely with us, such as in the civilisation of Lemuria and Atlantis where humanities collective consciousness was at heightened states of awareness known as 5D or multidimensional consciousness, which we are now as a human species due to our astrological positioning within the universe are retuning to.


The Pleiadians return to humanities awareness in these powerful times of great awakening, transformation and the collective shift into a new paradigm, offering their love, support, guidance and assistance as we ascend, upgrading our DNA in the divine return to our 5D light body expressions and crystalline Kingdoms of New Earth.


The Pleiadians are a very beautiful species of star family to work with through our planetary ascension, due to their similarity to humanity. They look very similar in appearance to human beings, a bit taller and more enlightened, very beautiful and balanced within their being, their frequency being the consistently of the embodiment of Love consciousness. The state in which humanity is now returning to through out planet ascension. 


They too have been through planetary ascension in the way that humanity is now experiencing, the shift from the time space reality of 3D- 4D into multidimensionality aka 5D. As a result they understand the process very well. They are destined to be the first species of star family to connect with humanity on a mass collective scale, where in order for us to be ready to receive them, we must vibrationally prepare to meet them, through raising our consciousness and bringing our awareness to their guidance already available to us on a telepathic level. We must be vibrationally a match to be able to align with them. Their consciousness being very high, they embody much light, so for us to be able to meet them, we too must have a high vibration, a pure intention in our hearts and be very transparent within ourselves.


This live online event and Pleiadian light activation is created with the intention to assist greater Pleiadian awakening and integration with humanity. As well as to facilitate the elevation of the collective human consciousness and of the group that comes together, activating new heights of humanities embodiment and divine remembering of Pleiadian wisdom and DNA that sit within each and every one of us, waiting to be awakened. When we awaken our Pleiadian DNA, we activate our light body expression and consciousness in new heights, elevating our vibration in the process.


This is a very special meeting of souls, where Marc and E share for the first time in this life time the long awaited co facilitation of an event and planetary activation. Both E and Marc have common spiritual families that they work with, including the Pleiadians, Thoth and the order of Melchizedek. The ascended masters and spiritual guides that are called in the union of their soul, further facilitates a powerful activation for human consciousness. Having worked together closely in past lives, it will be a deep elevation and planetary activation for New Earth that takes place. 


The meeting is given in both English, Spanish and light language. Both E and Marc speak the of light language, where in this live online event you receive the benefits of both channels, the light codes that they share and activations they facilitate through the new Earth language of light and consciousness.


We  guide you in tuning in to the New earth crystalline grid and consciousness and in connecting with the Pleiadian star families of light. 


What to expect


  • Pleiadian family of light connection meditation
  • Who are the pleiadians
  • History of the Pleiadian and humanity
  • History of Lemuria and Atlantis Pleiadian connections
  • How to activate your Pleiadian DNA
  • How to communicate and connect with the Pleiadian
  • Getting ready for Pleiadian contact
  • Pleiadian Light language Activation
  • New found state of self mastery
  • New crystalline Keys and codes
  • Soul family connection and new like minded friends
  • Third eye activation
  • Light language
  • Love consciousness


You will find the 2.36 hour downloadable recording upon purchasing this product.


Any questions that you may have please email E.L.Light at


We look forward to seeing the group that comes together,


Blessings of Light and Love,


Marc and E


Pleiadian Light Activation

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