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Multidimensional Money

The new planetary consciousness is abundant and infinitely prosperous and there is more than enough to go around!

The Islamic prophecies state that in the return of Christ there will be no more tax, and there will be so much abundance it will overflow, to the degree where people will not even ask for money any more.

Where wether you believe the return of Christ mean the return of Jesus Christ in person, humanity awakening to Christ consciousness within, or both (which is what I believe ; ) abundant times are what are before us.

What we have before us due to our astrological alignments within the universe, as a planet is a huge influx of abundance energies flooding into earth in the return of Christ consciousness and it has already begun!!! Where in essence you are to attune your consciousness in order to receive.

Abundance is a frequency and it is a vibe! It is a higher dimensional expression that resides inside us all. Your higher dimensional expressions are so very prosperous and so very abundant. Where in ascension we are in essence aligning with these higher dimensional infinitely abundant expressions!!! More and more light workers are now awakening to the heavenly abundance of the kingdoms of light, claiming the abundance of our birth right. Where there is always more think in overflow overflow, for all.

I will be hosting an abundance planetary activation Livestream on Friday 11.11.22 called multidimensional money. The live stream will be at 11am GMT-5 (Peruvian time)/ 5pm Spanish time. You will find the link upon purchasing the activation.

11.11 is Lemurian new year and a powerful time of planetary awakening, activation, upgrades and New beginnings.

If you want to manifest more abundance in your life, upgrade the energetics of your current financial situation, awaken to your abilities and power within to manifest magic money then this is for you! You can sign up here and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Multidimensional Money

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