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Merkabah Consciousness

Merkabah Consciousness Light body Activation


A key part of the next phase of our human evolution is the return to Merkabah consciousness. This is the consciousness that comes with your New Earth light body expression. Your Merkabah is a key layer in this light body and in full realisation of your Merkabah light body, gives your the capacity to move beyond time and space. It is the aspect of you that becomes fully activated in your divine realisation, embodiment and return to love.


In this online Masterclass E will be sharing keys of the Merkabah to facilitate a Merkabah consciousness light body activation. E will be sharing keys of sacred geometry light language and meditation techniques to assist you in greater expanding into your Merkabah light body expression. 


What to expect


  • Merkabah Keys
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Crystalline consciousness keys
  • Diamond Consciousness keys
  • Visual keys
  • Light Language
  • Merkabah light body activation Meditation 


This Masterclass is the recording of the Live online event


You will receive the link to your recording and password upon purchasing the masterclass


For all questions please email





Merkabah Consciousness

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