Melchizedek is the divine order and cohesion of the creator. A Melchizedek soul is one who has ascended many times and completed 144 levels of ascension. 


The order of Melchizedek is a divine order of Melchizedek souls that is assisting humanity through these ascending times. 


They bridge the wisdom of order and cohesion through mathematics, geometric code and the language of Light. This piece of art work provides three core geometric keys of Melchizedek, that awaken the wisdom of Melchizedek from within you.


This is the wisdom or order, organisation, cohesion, balance and infinity. This art work activate the pineal gland and holds a sacred space in the room for the wisdom of Melchizedek to emanate through your environment, raising the vibration, and assisting your communication with this divine order of light.

Melchizedek Keys

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