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Magdalena Montserrat Retreat

On the 26th September 2021 I invite you to join me in journey of remembrance, awakening and activation in the Sacred mountain vortex Montserrat, Barcelona Spain, where I will be guiding a group to the Hermit of Maria Magdalena or as many others know her to be Mary Magdalene.


I will be sharing ancient wisdom of the Rose it's connection to the lineage of Jesus and Maria Magdalena, and the forgotten wisdom teachings and truth of Christ consciousness, which is  encoded through the Mountain rocks of Montserrat.


Both Jesus and Mary visited Montserrat in their life times. Montserrat is one of places Jesus studied in the mystery schools of Gnosis in his journey to Christ consciousness. 


After Jesus' Cruixifion Maria Magdalene took hermitage in Europe one of the key places she stayed was Montserrat before being killed in South France.

Where a hermit stands in remembrance of her presence upon the Montserrat mountain.


In the great repression of the divine feminine and wisdom of Christ consciousness this hermit was destroyed, and is left in ruins now, however her presence and Jesus too upon the Mountain lives on and echos through the lands Akashic remembrance. 


On this day of remembrance, and activation we will be working with the wisdom of Mary and Jesus and all that they stood. I invite you to join us on this magical adventure of Christic awakening.


What to expect:


  • Light Language
  • Meditation
  • Wisdom of the Rose
  • New Earth Activation
  • Christ Consciousness
  • Soul Family connections


We meet at 9am in Montserrat, you will recieve the meeting place upon booking. We will venture in a day of ceremony and celebration until 4/5pm.


Early bird tickets avalible until 17th September 2021


If you have any questions or special requirements please contact me at:


Please see meeting place on next page


Much love,



Magdalena Montserrat Retreat

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