Light Language Initiation (Membership Access)

Light Language Initiation Live online Course

STARTS JUNE 1st 2021

4 week course: 8 Live Online Masterclasses


Light Language is a multidimensional quantum form of communication that brings us out of the head and into the heart. It is the language of love and voice of our soul. In learning to channel light language for this reason it greatly assists us in greater connecting with and embodying our source expression.


Light language has great healing capacity to assist us in many different areas of our lives. 


It is a great responsibility to channel light language, as the laws of vibration frequency can range anywhere across the vibrational richter scale where for this reason in 2021 I have been asked by the source to facilitate a light language initiation course to guide you in becoming a powerful, precise, responsible, balanced and aligned light language channel.


I have been a student of the sacred geometry for over 7 years now, and channeling the light language for over 5.Throughout this 4 week course I will passing you the keys to facilitate you in learning to channel light language for yourself.


I will be teaching you about the mechanics and history of the Light language in theory Master classes, through the laws of vibration, frequency, attraction, sacred geometry and resonance. The YANG (masculine approach to working with light language)


I will be teaching you how to channel the light language through speaking, singing, movement and writing in the practical Master classes. The YIN (feminine approach to light language).


Everybody had the ability to channel light language, where it is the voice of your soul, so as you learn to relax into this divine expression of your higher self through the light language, great healing and elevation in consciousness can unfold.


You will have access to a special private container for the group, where you can share with each other your progress over the month.


You will be set homework, to assist you in practicing and getting the most out of the month course.


At the end of the course you will receive a certificate to say you have completed one month of Light language Initiation with me E Light at The School of Creation.


Throughout the course you will receive:


💎 8 live Online Masterclasses (2 Each week- one masterclass focused in YIN and one YANG, each masterclass is two hours long).


💎 You will receive 4 Guided downloadable meditations


💎 You will receive a written guide book for the course and foundation for learning to channel light language for your self and for others.


💎 You will receive access to our diamond membership for the month of the course which is full of guided downloadable meditations and Master classes for you to access and enjoy in addition to the course that will further assist your process through the course.


💎 Each lesson you shall receive new channeled light language codes visually and vocally to practice on your own


Additional Information


Your abilities to channel are reflective of your consciousness and how you show up, practice and believe in yourself. I will provide you with the keys and foundation to becoming a master light language channel, it is up to you however to practice, apply the keys and guidance given to get the greatest results.


* For those who wish to be guided privately by me through the course I am also offering private tuition where you will receive 1 private session per week. Spaces are limited here please reserve your place sooner rather than later as it is on a first come first served basis. To book this in addition, please contact me at or sign up at the school of creation.


What to expect:


💎 Learn to channel light Language Vocally

💎 Learn to channel light Language by Hand

💎 Learn to channel light Language through movement

💎 Learn to channel your higher self and voice of your soul

💎 History of Light language

💎 Science and mechanics of Light Language

💎 Light Language and geometry

💎 Learn about Light body Geometry, energy channels, composition and mechanics

💎 Learn about layers of the Aura

💎 Learn about working with the Aetheric body

💎 Activate your Merkabah consciousness

💎 New Earth Consciousness

💎 Crystalline Consciousness

💎 Diamond Consciousness

💎 Angelic Consciousness


The Masterclass are at 7pm GMT+1

LIVE Masterclass Overview & dates:

1. Introduction to light language, History and Mechanics YANG: Tuesday 1st June

2. Introduction to Channeling YIN: Friday 4th June

3. Crystalline consciousness Template YANG: Tuesday 8th June

4. Crystalline Channel of Light YIN: Friday 11th June

5. The Light body Mechanics YANG: Tuesday 15th June

6. The Light body expression YIN: Friday 18th June

7. The Akashic Template YANG: Tuesday 22nd June

8. Diamond Akash YIN: Friday 25th June


For all questions please contact E Light at


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Full price 333€ Euro from 11th May

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Light Language Initiation (Membership Access)

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