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Light Language Initiation Special

Are you looking to activate your light language? Or upgrade your current light language channeling skills and abilities?


I welcome you to the light language initiation!!


An 8 week journey upgrading through the language of light.


Light language is the language of your soul, it is the language of your core expression, it is the language of love. There are many healing and activating benefits to working with the light language.


Benefits can include amongst the many:

  • Healing physical, emotional and spiritual ailments
  • Multidimensional Upgrades
  • Spiritual awakening 
  • Pain liberation
  • Third eye activation 
  • DNA activation
  • Miracle healing
  • Light body ascension 
  • Connection to soul
  • Heart activation
  • Brain and heart cohesion
  • Unlocking the voice and wisdom of your soul
    To name a few, the list goes on…


I have been teaching people how to channel light language for 5 years now, and studying the mystical arts for 8 years, where the light language initiation course was born to provide you with a powerful, grounded structure, template and foundation in learning to channel light language.


💎 Learn to channel the light language vocally, through movement and through writing.

💎 Learn about the mechanics of light language through the universal Laws

💎 Learn to work with crystalline rays of light including the Crystal, diamond, sapphire, emerald and amethyst rays of light.

💎 Learn to work with the violet flame, rainbow light and how to become a crystalline Channel and alchemist of Light.

💎 Learn how to pioneer the light language towards 


I invite you an 8 week journey of transformation in this self pased language of light initation.


The 8 week Syllabus consists of over 10 hours content that you can take at your own pace in awakenign the voice of you soul


The Syllabus 

Week 1: Mechanics Of Light Language

Week 2: Learning to channel

Week 3: Akashic Template

Week 4: The voice of your soul

Week 5: The Light body mechanics

Week 6: Light body expression

Week 7: Crystalline Template

Week 8: Crystalline Channel of Light


Each week you will be in initiation with a new ray of Light in the live online sessions. You will also receive a downloadable activation meditation for each week and ray of light.


Temple of Light initiations:

✨ The God Source Light

✨ Arch Angel Michael Light

✨ The crystalline Ray of Light

✨ The Diamond Light

✨ The Rainbow Light

✨ The Violet Flame

✨ The Sapphire Light

✨ Crystalline Light Alchemy Temple



💎 8 downloadable activation meditations

💎 Life time access to sacred online porthole

💎 Accompanying Ebook

💎 8 Live online group sessions

💎 Home study exercises



At the end of the course you will receive a certificate saying you have completed The Light language initiation with me E.L Light at the Temple of Light.


If you have any questions please message me at

Sign up here:


Love and blessings


E.L Light

Light Language Initiation Special

$450.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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