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Light Language Initiation

The Light Language Initiation course is 16 hours long- consisting of 8 private session with E Light, each session is 1.5- 2 hours long. The course is designed to assist you in activating your light language and being able to channel by hand, through movement and also vocally through speaking and singing. Here is more info:


Course overview


Light Language is a multidimensional quantum form of communication that brings you out of the head and into the heart. It is the language of love and voice of your soul. In learning to channel light language for this reason it can greatly assists you in connecting with and embodying your source expression, awakening you to the master within.


Light language has great healing capacity to assist you in many different areas of your life, where it can be attuned through different intentions, which I guide you in doing throughout the course. Light language codes condense what once would have taken life times of meditation in exploring wisdom, into one light language transmission. So it is truly a very powerful and transformational tool to work with that can greatly accelerate awakening and healing.


The course consists of 4 YANG sessions and 4 YIN sessions.


The YANG sessions are focused in divine masculine wisdom to assist you in establishing a strong foundation in analytically understanding the light language, which facilitates you in being a grounded and embodied light language channel. Here we work with the sacred geometry and light language mechanics. 


The YIN sessions are focused in divine feminine wisdom, to assist you in learning to channel through writing, vocalizing and through movement. Here we work with the light language, spiritual channeling, the akashic records, crystal light, diamond light, Arch Angel Michael and the God source.


The course is designed to assist you in activating your light language as well as providing you with a foundation in spiritual healing. Here you will learn about the light body mechanics, chakras, Merkabah, crystalline consciousness and New Earth activation topics as well as different practices to assist you in working with and activating your New Earth crystalline light body.


You will receive homework with each session with exercises that are designed to assist you in opening your channel and awakening the voice of your soul. You will also receive 4 downloadable meditations to assist you through the course, in further opening, purifying your channel and activating your light language.


You will receive personal private assistance throughout the course, where we work with the Akashic records, Theta healing and God source to assist you in your awakening and healing process, clearing away any blockages or past life traumas that can surface with awakening to the light language.


Here is course session overview:

1. Introduction to light language- History and Mechanics (YANG)

2. Introduction to Channeling (YIN)

3. The Akashic Template (YANG)

4. Voice of your soul (YIN)

5. The Light body Mechanics (YANG)

6. The Light body expression (YIN)

7. Crystalline consciousness Template (YANG)

8. Crystalline Channel of Light (YIN)


Throughout the course you will receive:

  • 8 private sessions 4 YIN and 4 YANG, each is two hours long).
  • You will receive 4 Guided downloadable meditations
  • You will receive a written guide book for the course and foundation for learning to channel light language for your self and for others.
  • You will receive access to our diamond membership for the duration of the course which is full of guided downloadable meditations and Master classes for you to access and enjoy in addition to the course that can further assist your process through the course.
  • Each session you shall receive new channeled light language codes visually and vocally to practice on your own

You will learn about:

  • How to channel light Language Vocally (speaking and signing)
  • How to channel light Language by Hand
  • How to channel light Language through movement
  • To channel your higher self and voice of your soul
  • History of Light language
  • Science and mechanics of Light Language
  • Light Language and geometry
  • Light body Geometry, energy channels, chakras composition and mechanics
  • Layers of the Aura
  • Working with the Aetheric body
  • Activating your Merkaba consciousness
  • New Earth Consciousness
  • Crystalline Consciousness
  • Diamond Consciousness
  • Angelic Consciousness

The Downloadable course meditations you receive are: 

  • Arch Angle Michael meditation
  • Diamond Light meditation
  • Crystal Light meditation
  • God Source meditation 

Diamond Membership


Whist you are enrolled on the course you will receive access to the diamond membership at the school of creation, this is an online porthole which has many other resources, masterclasses and meditations to further assist you in activating, healing and awakening.


Course Duration


The course can be taken either over the period of 1 month (2 sessions a week) or 2 months (1 session a week) and is a total of 8 session  over 16 hours + with homework.




At the end of the course you will receive a certificate saying you have completed 16 hours Light language initiation with E Light and The Guardians School of Creation.


The energy exchange for the service is 5555€ 


Please let me know if you have questions or special requirements :) I will be happy to assist you


Love and blessings,



Light Language Initiation

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