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Light body Template video series

As humanity moves into 5D our body goes through a physical manifestation and we integration our new earth crystalline light body.


In this 4 part video series you will learn all about the light body, the mechanics, geometry, philosophy, key terminology and how to activate and upgrade it.


What to expect:


💎 DNA upgrades

💎 Multidimensionnel Awakening

💎 Light body Geometry

💎 Learn about the Chakras, Kundalini, nadis and key light body terminology

💎 The Light body crystalline template

💎 Learn about the Layers of the aura

💎 Learn about the energy body

💎  Crystalline consciousness 


Lesson overview:

Lesson 1: Crystalline Consciousness and the light body

Lesson 2: The energy body

Lesson 3: Layers of the Aura

Lesson 4: The multidimensional light body

Light body Template video series

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