Hello family of Light,


So very excited to announce a new project, collaboration and sisterhood community. Who is ready for some real bright diamond light? IT IS TIME.


Introducing a New phase, divine remembrance and activation of The Sister Hood of Light on planet Earth. 


We are Excited to announce our first two part event: The Sister hood of Light- Ancients Lands Activation. Come join Elena and E as we arc Crystalline Light and consciousness around the planet grounding in the divine feminine wisdom of New earth with the Ancient wisdom and divine sisterhood of light


In the Ancient lands Activation we will be diving into the wisdom of Atlantis firstly and then Lemuria secondly. Returning to the ancient wisdom of what has long been forgotten sacred space of sister hood. Each event will consist of Meditation, Divine feminine wisdom, a Light Language Activation, sacred Movement, Ancient lands remembrance, and a sisterhood circle, holding space for women around the world to join hands, share, be vulnerable and heal, whilst elevating the planetary consciousness in the process.


E will be tuning in from vortex of the sacred Valley of Peru, whilst Elena tunes in from the sacred vortex of Ibiza. Both co-host anchoring key activation codes for New Earth and the grounding in of the New Earth crystalline grid arcing light around the planet and sisterhood wisdom of the feminine divine. 



(22nd May 2020 7.30 +1 GMT)


Lemurain Activation


In the second event of the Ancient Lands Activation we will be journeying further back along the human timelines of Gaia, tapping into the wisdom of Lemuria. Facilitating a crystalline light, planetary activation of Lemruain remembrance, wisdom and keys for the greater embodiment of our 5D Light body expression. Through DNA activation we will elevate the group consciousness and the planetary consciousness in the process into the wisdom of Lemuria and its divine connections with New Earth.


What to expect:


💎Divine feminine crystalline Activation Meditation

💎Light Language Activation

💎Sacred Movement practise

💎Lemurain wisdom

💎Sisterhood Circle


Come join us as we remember and as rise, in sacred sisterhood, unity and wisdom of the divine feminine. 


The event will be in both English and Spain and take place on zoom at 7.30pm GMT + 1. The event will be recorded and then sent to you following the event for you to benefit from in the future. 


For both Events you can sign up for £44 


Early Bird tickets one event one will be available until Wednesday 20th May for £25


From Wednesday 20th May tickets for event one will go up to £30


You will see the link prior to the event after purchasing your ticket.


For any questions please contact E at info@lovelightcreation.com or message us on facebook. 


We look forward to seeing the group that. Comes together


Rays of divine crystalline Light of love to you,


E and Elena 

Lemurian Activation

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