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Kundalini Light body Activation Course

Kundalini Light body activation group course


Discover the power of your Kundalini life force and awaken the power within.


Start 2024 the right way with this Kundalini Light Body Activation course.


A Kundalini practice is fantastic for purifying, balancing, aligning, and elevating your energy, assisting your clarity of mind, inner motivation, confidence, self-empowerment, and your direction inner fire and fuel through life.


With many healing benefits at the heart of Kundalini yoga is the purpose of assisting you in raising your Kundalini life force, a powerful energy within you that for many lays dormant at the base of your spine, waiting to be awakened. In awakening your Kundalini and ascending through each chakra, you unlock higher-dimensional awareness and mystical abilities known as Siddhis.


In this course, I will guide you in directing this powerful life force energy for the integration of your higher-dimensional light body and consciousness.


In this group container and journey, you will learn key Kundalini activation practices, terminology, and keys to assist your higher-dimensional integration.


Through a combination of Kundalini yoga, qigong, light language, and sacred geometry, experience firsthand the power of your Kundalini life force.


You recieve:

💎 1 weekly live class
💎 1 new weekly Kundalini Kriya video class

💎 1 new weekly mantra
💎 1 new downloadable meditation each week 
💎 1 new crystalline ray initation per week
💎 Online kundalini activation porthole 

💎 Access to a private Kundalini Light body facebook group
💎 New info graphics and diagrams 

💎 Access to the Light Language library throughout the course


Topics Covered:


  • Kundalini Fundamentals:

    • Key Kundalini terminology
    • Ancient Kundalini philosophy
    • Light body Anatomy
  • Practical Applications:

    • Life-changing Kundalini Kriyas
    • Understanding and discovering the 7 major chakras
    • Exploring the Nadis/meridians and techniques for purifying sacred energy channels
    • Key practices for regulating the nervous system
  • Advanced Concepts:

    • Exploring the connection between Kundalini and the nervous system
    • Activating DNA and cells
    • Harnessing the power and healing benefits of sacred sounds
  • Mastery and Awareness:

    • Understanding the difference between Kundalini activation, awakening, and mastery
    • Life-changing practices for mastering Kundalini energy


✨Key kundalini terminology 
✨Ancient kundalini philosophy 
✨Life changing kundalini Kriyas 
✨Discover the 7 major chakras 
✨Learn about the Nadis/ meridians and how to purify your sacred energy channels 
✨Discover key practises for regulating your nervous system 
✨Learn about the connection between your kundalini and nervous system 
✨Learn how to activate your DNA and cells 
✨ Discover the power and healing benefits of sacred sounds 
✨ Discover the difference between kundalini activation, awakening and mastery 
✨ Receive life changing practises in how to master the kundalini


We start on the 3rd of January, where you have the option to sign up for one month or two months.

Kundalini Light body Activation Course

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