This piece is Feng Shui Art is of The School of Isis- the school of the divine feminine wisdom. 


It has been selectively placed together using sacred geometry, where the positioning of the components that form this piece of Art are geometrical sized, and positioned to subtly but effectively, stimulating the pineal glad and third eye, whilst raising the vibration of any space, through directing the flow of energy around the room. 


These prints are a fantastic compliment to any space and work well with those who live with the wisdom of Feng shui and reach live in a high vibration. Through applying the ancient wisdom of geometry, this art work balances and purifies energy flow where the Light language further activates and grounds in the crystalline consciousness of New Earth.


With the feminine wisdom of Isis, this artwork emits a peaceful yet potent, mother energy, where for the one who wishes to journey deeper into the artwork and the divine feminine wisdom, through meditating can awaken much wisdom from within their Akash through the nodal activations that occurs when journeying into this galactic window of light.


Prints are on high quality matt paper, with an RGB colour print finish.


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