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Diamond Transformation

Diamond transformation


Are ready to truly step in to your divine magnificence as a diamond light here on Gaia?


The diamond Light is one of the highest vibrational rays of light within the universe. In learning to harness, work and embody with the consciousness of the diamond light great transformation can be, where as E guides you in working with the diamond wisdom, your very essence begins to vibrate at the diamond frequency.


In this three month journey with E expect deep awakening transformation and spiritual growth. E guides you in working on all levels of your being right down to your atomic structure, cells and DNA’s Akash to bring about a diamond transformation into your current embodiment and greater mastery. We address all areas of your life from the emotional, physical, spiritual and material, focusing in on the areas you would to develop the most, where this course essential is designed to fit you in response to your requirements.


E works with a range of practises and tools in response to your asking to bring about the greatest transformation and alignment throughout your life experience, from Theta healing, The Akashic Records, The Akashic reset, Light Language, The Diamond Light, The Crystalline Light, Rainbow light, specialised Theta Brainwave technology, soul coaching and spiritual channelling.


Is this course for you?


This course is for those who are really ready to commit to their transformation and spiritual growth. Ask yourself are ready to really face yourselves, show up and do the work and awaken to new heights of wisdom? Are you ready for a deep transformation in truly remembering your divine benevolence? Are you ready to take your life to the next level?


You will receive over the period of 3 months, 2 hours of private one on one work with E per week- (a total of 24 hours over 90 days). These two hours per week can take place together as one two hour session, or as two 1 hour sessions.


The first session which will be 2 hours long will be your introduction and questionnaire session, where E will give you an overview of the journey ahead the keys we will be working with, and also she will be asking you some very important questions, to assist in setting the path in motion for your greatest transformation to unfold.


You receive throughout the course 3 specialised Theta Brain wave reprogramming tapes, which is a brand new technology that E is sharing exclusively with her private clients to create a very profound shift within their reality on a very deep level. As a diamond client you will receive exclusive diamond theta brainwave technology that is specialised to you.


We work with the awareness of the Theta brainwave state and the great opportunity that is made available each day through the Theta brainwave state to reprogramme your subconscious mind. When you reprogramme your subconscious mind, you shift your frequency and as a result you shift your reality- as this universe is based on the Law of Attraction essentially mirroring your embodied vibrational frequency with manifestations of that same vibrational frequency. This wisdom combined with the Akashic DNA keys, diamond light and the other processes E will be sharing fully throughout this course provides you with an opportunity for a truly deep and profound diamond transformation.


Keys we share throughout this course include:


  • The Akashic Reset
  • Light Language
  • Theta Healing
  • Soul coaching
  • Spiritual Channelling
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Specialised Diamond Theta Brainwave reprogramming technology
  • Diamond Keys
  • Crystalline Keys
  • Rainbow Keys
  • Soul movement tools, keys and practises
  • Soul writing, creation, tools, keys and practises


These keys assist you in:


  • Rewrite your reality and state of embodiment through the Akashic Records
  • Ending all Karma
  • Activating and upgrading your Light body DNA
  • Embodying and working with The Diamond Light, wisdom and consciousness
  • Embodying and working with The Crystalline Light, wisdom and consciousness
  • Embodying and working with The Rainbow Light, wisdom and consciousness
  • Activating, embodying and working your Merkabah consciousness
  • Awakening to greater heights and embodiment of Multidimensionality and 5D consciousness
  • Activating your Third eye and spiritual abilities
  • Discovering your Soul purpose and blueprint
  • Learning to channel Light Language (The Language of love, wisdom and the voice of your Soul)
  • Removing and healing from all trauma and blockages
  • Reprograming and rewriting your subconscious mind,
  • Upgrading your human vessel, brain, and abilities
  • Manifesting and living the life of your dreams and that you came here to live
  • Unlocking the keys to your greatest potential
  • Awakening to your inner Master potential
  • New Excitement and euphoria for the life before you
  • Divine remembrance and embodiment of your benevolence
  • Greater heights of alignment and embodiment of your source expression
  • Stepping into your greatest potential
  • Rising as the light of the world that you are here to be


If you would like to sign up for our Ignite Your Light Diamond transformation course you can reserve your place today by purchasing a 3 month package. E will then contact you upon you signing up to arrange your first session, which will take place within a week of signing up for the Ignite Your Light Diamond transformation course.


If you have any questions please email E.Light at


It is time to Ignite your Diamond Light,

See you on the inside,


Love and Blessings,



Diamond Transformation

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