Ignite Your Light is the private one on one service that E.Light offers to assist you in stepping into your greatest version, awakening to your master expression, manifesting and living the life of your dreams, that you came here to live and Igniting Your Light.


This service is designed around you, to meet your needs and requirements where you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire after purchasing this service so E light can assist you in the greatest way possible. 


*Learn to:

  • Rewrite your reality through the Akashic Records
  • Channel Light Language (The Language and wisdom of your Soul)
  • Activate your Light body DNA
  • Work with the Diamond Light
  • Work with Crystalline consciousness
  • Work with and activate your Merkabah consciousness
  • Awaken to greater heights of Multidimensionality and 5D consciousness 
  • Work with the multidimensional visual bridge of Sacred Geometry 
  • Activate your Third eye and spiritual abilities
  • Discover your Soul purpose
  • Manifest and live the life of your dreams that you came here to live
  • Unlock your greatest potential
  • Awaken your inner Master potential
  • Work with the Theta brain wave state to reporgramme your subconscious mind, upgrade your human vessle, remove and heal from all tramua and blockages.

    (*Subjects are covered in response to your asking in the questionnaire, where those who feel called to a number of topics listed above, we recommend considering attending a course of sessions)


E Light shares multidimensional keys, practises and tools such as: Light Language, Sacred Geometry, working Akashic Records, Spiritual Channeling, Theta Healing, DNA Light body Activation and Soul Coaching, where depending on your requirements your Private session or Course of sessions if you choose to sign up to a block of regular sessions will be designed to fit you. 


For all questions please email E.Light at info@lovelightcreation.com


See you on the inside,


Love and Blessings,




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