Healing with angels is a new service I am offering to assist you in tapping into the powerful guidance, healing and unconditional love of the angelic realms. I am deeply connected with the angels and have been working with the for the past 6 years. They were the first guides to assist me as I stepped onto the spiritual path. Over the last six years I have worked with many multidimensional and ascended beings from the ascended masters, to the pleiadians, to the guardians of light. I always find myself however coming back to the angels as I really love the beautiful healing energy they provide in unconditional love, where you can always guarantee that you will feel elevated, supported and protected in working with them


In this New service Healing with angels that I am offering, I provide for you an angelic bridge to the healing light, guidance and unconditional love of the angels. 


The angels are beautiful divine beings of unconditional love, where you have your guardians angels who know you and your soul better than you know yourself. They have seen the life you have lived and all that you have done, yet only have infinite unconditional love for you. It is their divine mission and purpose to love you in this way. This makes them very powerful indeed to work with particularly if you are new to the spiritual path, suffering from self judgment, of guilt for the life you have lived.


The angels do not judge you ever, they are the divine messengers and extensions of the source, AKA God, where they are the closest to the source consciousness as a conscious beings beyond the source can be, making them very pure in their being and balanced in the light, guidance and healing that they share with you. When working with angels you can trust that what you will receive through all of your asking is met in divine love, where it is in the angelic design to transform all darkness into love in this way, shining a beautiful light for of healing and transformation. 


A big part of my soul family and team resides in the angelic realms giving me the abilities and soul contracts to speak to your guardians angels and provide you with a clear bridge to receive their guidance, love, support and healing. In addition to the bridge I provide for the guidance of the angelic realms, part of my work with the angels is the assignment to activate your awareness of them within your day to day life experience if this is something you would like, so that you are able to continue communicating with them, benefiting from their guidance and working with them on your own as you journey forward.


What to expect in a session:


Unconditional , Love, Light, Protection, Healing, angelic support.


In a session I will ask you to prepare some questions prior for your angels so you can make the most of the time we have together. The session will begin with a mantra, and we will do a meditation and prayer to open, setting intentions for the session before us, to assist you in finding greater heights of peace, balance and harmony in introduction to the angelic realms, wisdom and energy.


I will then tune into your guardians angels. You will always have at least one, sometimes two, sometimes even more. I will let you know if you would like me to tell you how many angels you have with you. If you would like I will then guide you on receiving the name of your angel(s). Following this you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you have for the angelic realms, where I will provide the bridge for the answers to then be shared with you and for your angels to speak with you.


Following this I will offer you an angelic light activation through the healing frequencies of sound and light vibration, channeling divine light from the angelic realms for you to bathe in and to be vibrationally evaluated within. This is a very powerful activation process that takes place, where the frequencies of light activate the angelic awareness from within your DNA, bridging greater heights of angelic awareness and even embodiment into your life experience and state of being. I will also share any messages that the angels would like for you to hear.


It is ultimately up to you how much angelic energy you would like to open to, where for those who would really like to work with the angels deeper over a period of time beyond one session, we also provide angel bundle sessions. 


Following the angelic activation I will assist you in grounding back into your body for the energies can be very powerful, providing you with a lot to integrate. Here I will give you time to integrate and allow yourself to release anything you need to. It is natural and quite common to cry in these sessions as you release and heal with the angels, where it is encouraged to not hold back if you want to cry, crying is a very healing process where when you are exposed to the angelic energies, you may often want to cry because the frequencies of consciousness are so high and it can be deeply awakening. Your tears cleanse you making way for new vision and sight. You may also want to laugh, rather than cry, or maybe even both, this is another form of release. Laugher is a powerful expression that is natural and common in awakening, as all anxiety and fears fall away, to be replaced with a new found ease, excitement for life and divine spiritual remembrance and connection. 


I will then hold space for any questions you may have for either me or the angels and offer guidance on how you can continue to work with the angels day to day moving forward if you would like to. 


We will then close the session with a prayer and mantra.


If you would like the session to be recorded this is a something I offer with the session, so that you can listen back after the session is complete when you feel.


Sessions take place online through zoom, or alternatively in person if you are in the same location as me.


Once you have purchases your session I will contact you via email to arrange when is a good time for us to schedule the session.


I provide the options for you to do a 1 hour session, a 90 minute session as well as blocks of 90 minute sessions, which ever is most suitable to you. All options are available on the Healing with angels service page.

Healing with Angels (1 hour)

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