This Geometric Key of Melchizedek activates your pineal gland and the expansion of your consciousness in to your Merkabah energy field.


This is a geometric key animated in configuration with mathematical code, patterns and formula. The animation is set in such a way that it joins nodal points through the numerology and geometric formula, to connect new neutron pathways in you brain and eyes, bridging into your third eye activating your pineal gland and awakening deeper heights of the wisdom of your soul to remember the galactic wizard within you and your 5D Merkabah consciousness. 




  • Enhances greater ease into a meditative states.
  • Activates greater heights of your Merkabah consciousness
  • Clears blockages in your eye chakras
  • Clears blockages in your body
  • A powerful relief for head aches
  • Activate your pineal Gland/ third eye.
  • Enhances multidimensional vision and awareness. 
  • Forms new Neurone pathways in your brain enhancing your intelligence, mental health and overall wellbeing. 


You Recieve


1 downloadable animated Geometric Key of Melchizedek.

A downloadable PDF with instructions on how to work with the Key 


For any questions please email E. L Light at


Geometric Merkabah Keys of Melchizedek (1 key)

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