The Family of Light: New Earth Awakening


We are excited to announce Marc and E will be coming together with the family of Light to bring you a two part event and New Earth Awakening, arching light around the world in a live on line event.


Event 1: The New Human Being,


We will be diving deep into the wisdom of what it means to be a human embodiment upon New earth. We will be covering topics, from the light body, to crystalline consciousness, what it means to be a 5D/multidimensional human being, to conscious DNA recalibration, to the quest of conquering the ego, to self Love, New Earth values and the importance of the source consciousness connection. We will be shining light of the elders wisdom for those who wish to accelerate the alignment and embodiment process with their New earth Light body expression.


What to expect:


  • DNA Light body Activation
  • Light Language
  • Self Love
  • Merkabah Consciousness
  • New Earth Human being Values
  • The quest of conquering the ego
  • What is 5D?
  • What is Multidimensionality?
  • The importance of the source consciousness connection


In this live online events we will be tuning in from around the world with the family of light, activating the planet and crystalline grid in the process, elevating the collective human consciousness through the group consciousness. Come join us to vibe, awaken and connect with like minded souls from around the world, to upgrade, activate and align in new heights your crystalline Light body expression. 


The event will be in both English and Spanish and take place on zoom at 7pm GMT. It will be recorded where you will receive the recording following the event, for you to refer back to as you please.


For both Events you can sign up for £44 


Early Bird tickets one event one will be available until Thursday 30th April for £25

From Thursday 30th April tickets for event one will go up to £30


For any questions please contact E.L.Light


We Look forward to seeing the group who comes together


Much Love


E and Marc 

New Earth Awakening Part 1

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