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DNA Upgrade Video Course

One of the most powerful ways to awaken you new earth light body is through your DNA activation. Through your DNA you have the capacity to transform your whole entire life.


In this 4 part video series you will receive a key introduction to the process of ascension before humanity as we move into multidimensional consciousness, what it means to upgrade you DNA and how you can upgrade your DNA.


You will learn about:


💎 The multidimensionnel DNA

💎 Crystalline consciousness and the DNA

💎 Geometry of the DNA and New earth light body

💎 DNA and the Akasha 

💎 Diamond consciousness and the DNA

💎 The New earth light body DNA

💎 12 stands of multidimensional DNA

💎  How to access your DNAs Akashic records to upgrade your being and elevate your life


Course syllabus


Lesson One: DNA Upgrade

Lesson Two:  DNA and the Akash

Lesson Three: Crystalline DNA

Lesson Four: Diamond DNA

DNA Upgrade Video Course

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