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Diamond Light New Earth Activation

Diamond Consciousness began to be deeply activated throughout the planet in 2010 with the first waves of diamond children who began incarnating at this time. 


The consciousness that they have been bringing to the planet, has rippled throughout the collective consciousness these past 10 years. 


As this first 10 year cycle of the diamond consciousness activation comes into completion in 2020, many who were not feeling the diamond consciousness before are becoming activated by the diamond light and being invited to a whole new level of awakening- a Diamond awakening.


The diamond consciousness is a very beautiful consciousness to awaken to and can greatly facilitate the purification of your physical body as well as your etheric body and energy body. It facilities with great capacity the upgrading of your New Earth Light body DNA, the elevation of your vibration and consciousness as well as igniting a whole new found sense of self empowerment, unlocking greater states of self mastery and divine innate consciousness within you.


Over the course of December in the build up to Christmas, E will be hosting a series of live online events providing you with new diamond keys, to facilitate your preparation as we transition in the new year- Diamond style.


As you learn to tap in and work with the diamond light, a deep purification throughout your consciousness and being becomes ignited, and you begin to shine like a diamond.


In this 3 part live online event E will be sharing diamond keys and facilitating diamond DNA light body activations. She will be guiding you in greater expanding into you New Earth light body, in activating you third eye, upgrading your Auric field and in elevating your consciousness into the crystalline frequency and diamond frequency.


She will be facilitating activations for deeper understanding and integration of the nature of the diamond light, diamond consciousness and diamond wisdom. 


E will be also working with the awareness of crystalline consciousness and sharing crystalline keys and wisdom to assist you in greater understanding the nature of crystalline consciousness and as a result diamond consciousness also. 


The these two rays of Light- the diamond light and the crystalline light, are two of the highest vibrational rays within the universe, where they both assist one another. Understanding in greater heights the crystalline light will facilitating your understanding of the diamond light, and visa versa. 


Learn about:


  • The diamond Light
  • How to work with the diamond light
  • The crystalline Light
  • How to work with the crystalline  light
  • The Rays of Light
  • Crystalline consciousness, light and wisdom
  • Diamond consciousness, light and wisdom
  • How to activating your Diamond/ crystalline DNA
  • The Diamond Children
  • The New Earth Children
  • New Earth Consciousness
  • DNA Light body Activation
  • Diamond Light meditation
  • Diamond Light Akashic reset keys
  • Light Language
  • Love consciousness 


Masterclasses Live event recordings:


1. Diamond Consciousness Awakening

2. Diamond Akash
3. Diamond DNA Blueprint


For all questions please contact E.Light At


Love and Blessings,



Diamond Light New Earth Activation

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