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Diamond Light Language Activation

This is a Diamond DNA Light Language activation. Where you receive a 25 minute downloadable meditation that you have life time access to. In this  Light Language activation we provide you with keys of diamond light and of the Akash, for upgrading your DNA, cellular structure, physical vessel and energy light body. 


Light Language is a multidimensional form of healing and communication. It is the language of the soul, the language of love, where as you listen to the healing frequencies of light your DNA becomes activated, your cells recalibrate and you begin to upgrade into greater heights and states of embodiment of New Earth consciousness and your New Earth Crystalline Light body.


Light Language works through vibrational resonance. It is a form of sound healing, where E shares light language of New Earth and the new universal consciousness. Listening to the language of Light through the channel of E because it is from the future divine realms of Earth, can greatly facilitate you in your awakening process, in finding relief and relaxation, in remembering all is well. in elevating your consciousness, raising your vibration and in greater realising the wisdom of your soul.


This light Language Activation is part of the March 21 Diamond collection included for all diamond members.

Diamond Light Language Activation

$55.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price
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