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Diamond Consciousness Video Course

Diamond Light is one of the highest vibrational rays of light within the universe and very powerful tool to work with. It can greatly assist you in activating your multidimensional abilities, purifying your energy body and senses, expanding  you consciousness and upgrading your DNA. 


Diamond Consciousness is a key component within crystalline consciousness, where in understanding diamond consciousness we can greater understand crystalline consciousness and activate our crystalline light body and New earth siddhas in the process. 


In this 4 partvideo course I will be sharing with you Keys of the diamond light to assist you in activating your multidimensional abilities and awakening in greater heights your crystalline light body.  You will recieve a Diamond  DNA light body activation, Diamond light language, Diamond sacred geometry and a diamond light activation meditation to facilitate this process. 


What to Expect


💎 Diamond light

💎 Crystalline light

💎 Crystalline consciousness

💎 Diamond consciousness

💎 Sacred Geometry

💎 Light Language

💎 Meditation


Course syllabus


Lesson 1: Diamond Light & consciousness

Lesson 2: Diamond Light body

Lesson 3: Diamond grid

Lesson 4 Diamond Light body Activation 

Diamond Consciousness Video Course

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