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Crystalline Consciousness Video Course

Crystalline consciousness is the consciousness of new earth. It is a high 5th dimensional awareness that is a multidimensional at nature. It is a crystalline frequency that pure, clean, divine and loving at nature where our human awakening to and embodiment of this higher dimensional state of awareness it is the next phase of out human evolution.


Over the millennia crystalline consciousness has been known by many other names from Krishna consciousness to Christ consciousness, to Christic consciousness to Kristic consciousness. These are all names for the same 5th dimensional state of awareness of embodied pure love and connection with the divine, just experienced at different points along the human time line- maybe you can hear and feel the similar frequency; Christ, Krishna, Crystalline.


Throughout History this divine multidimensional state of awareness has been embodied and demonstrated by different masters who came to the earth to elevate human consciousness, including Krishna and Jesus Christ.


In this Crystalline Consciousness mini video course you will receive powerful keys and upgrades to assist you in awakening to your crystalline light body, whilst facilitating your multidimensional integration of this divine Christic 5D state of awareness and awakening the Christ Master potential that resides within you.


You will receive 4 video classes, 2 downloadable activation meditations and a Crystalline consciousness activation masterclass.


What to expect:


✨ Crystalline DNA and cellular Upgrades

✨ Enhance and upgrade your multidimensional senses and abilities

✨ Third eye activation

✨ Christ consciousness Awakening

✨ New Earth consciousness Upgrade

✨ Deepen your spiritual connection with God

✨ Discover and attune your consciousness to the crystalline grid

✨ Discover and learn about the crystalline geometry 

✨ Learn about the power of crystals


Course includes:


💎 Crystalline Masters Video Class

💎 Crystalline Geometry Video Class

💎 Crystalline Grid Video Class

💎 Crystalline Upgrade Video Class

💎 Crystalline Consciousness Activation Masterclass

💎 Crystal Plasma light body Activation meditation

💎 Diamond Sapphire Light Language Activation meditation

Crystalline Consciousness Video Course

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