Light language is an inter dimensional form of communication that brings one out of the head and into the heart. It is non denominational at nature where it’s healing capacity is infinite in the benefits it facilitates and in how it can be applied.


The light language channeled through E is a crystalline frequency from the source. 


Clear quartz crystal is one of the purist forms of crystal on the planet, where the clear quartz body can be tuned to any frequency due to its pure crystalline structure. This makes it when in the hands of the wise, the most powerful healing crystal on the planet and the only form of crystal one really needs to work with. 


Clear quartz crystal is a clear channel and gateway for the wisdom of the crystalline grid- the 5th dimensional/ multidimensional energy field of the planet. 

The light language through E applied to this pure Himalayan clear quarts crystal due to its already crystalline nature amplifies and grounds ones connection and embodiments of the crystalline consciousness- the frequency of 5th dimensional/ multidimensional awareness. This essentially assists clearing ones channel to the source expression at ones core, awakening to love/ heart consciousness and anchoring in the embodiment of this core source expression- which is a crystal clear frequency. 

The light codes of these healing stones, assist the activation and bridging of the crystalline consciousness within ones DNA which has been laying dormant within all of humanity, until you were ready to awaken the wisdom that it holds. Now you are ready. 

These healing crystals are very centring, and can assist in many ways, from relieving anxiety, clarity, inner peace/ tranquility, clear vision, multidimensional awareness, DNA activation, accelerated awakening, heightened clairvoyance, rebirth, stability, alignment, opening and clearing blockages within the energetic body, heightened sensitivity, deeper spiritual connection, heightened energy, heightened intuition, inspiration, clairvoyance, physical body realignment with your sources expression at your centre, inner balance.

Each stone has been tuned to a light code frequency that has vast healing capacities. As light language is non dimensional at nature, one word in human language can’t quite capture its essence, so we have given a list words and benefits in how each healing stone can assist.

You can work with stones individually and together, where the different combinations of codes are like words/ numbers/ letters- Their combinations form an infinite expanse of healing possibilities and potentials.

There is no right or wrong way to work with these crystals, they are here for you to explore, play with and enjoy. You will find your own way unique to you. Let your intuition guide you and enjoy the crystalline process of awakening that begins unfolding as you enter the energy field of the crystalline frequency through E.


Each set comes with 8 Himalayan Clear Quartz crystal Light technology healing stones and velvet pouch.


Crystal Light Technology

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