April Crystal Collection

Introducing Monthly Collections


Each month we release new crystal and diamond light meditations and light body activations. 


In the monthly crystal collection you receive crystal Keys this months crystal meditatoin and light body activation, as well as access to the live online masterclass of the month. The masterclass provides you with visual keys of sacred geometry as well as a live meditations and DNA light body activations.


The meditations you can download to listen to on the go and keep forever.


Our monthly collections enables you to access the crystal or diamond memberships keys of that specific month. Please note this does not give you access to the membership areas, if you would like to become a member you can do here.


April Crystal Collection 

  • Access to this months live online masterclass
  • 2 downloadable meditations. 


This months Crystal collection you receive:

  • Diamond Light Activation live online Masterclass on 30th April 7pm GMT+1
  • Crystalline light body activation meditation 
  • Crystalline Emotional elevation and purification, Theta brain wave affirmation meditation

You will receive the links to download your meditations and for the live stream event upon purchasing your tickets. You will also receive life time access to the recording of the live event you signed up for.


Love and blessings,



April Crystal Collection