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copy of Sacral Chakra- SVADHISTHANA

A Yantra is a mystical geometric technology originating from Ancient Tantric traditions. It is designed to enhance, activate and awaken certain abilities or states of consciousness from within your being, facilitating your connection to deities or higher dimensional aspects of yourself. Yantras are also very powerful for harmonising and balancing the divine energetic flow within your space and environment, making them a very powerful tool for Feng Shui. Each Yantra is designed for a specific purpose to activate and bridge a divine consciousness. 

E designs each Yantra and encodes specific geometry, numerology and light language to facilitate the purpose of the Yantra.


Yantra are fantastic for protection, defusing negative energy and elevating the vibration of a space. They are very powerful tools to use in crystal grids also, where they facilitate anchoring the divine codes within the crystalline grid. 






This Yantra activates and facilities work with your sacral chakra. You can work with it to enhance and balance your Sacral Chakra, which impacts all of your other chakras, state of being and reality as a whole. It assist you in your creativity, sexuality, sensuality, passion, emotional balance and abilities to experience pleasure. It is the second chakra in the chakra system,located above your sexual organs.​​​​​​​




Yantra designs are printed in RGB colour print on high quality 300mg paper, that we have perfected and developed over time.


Size: 15mm x 15mm other sizes are available upon request. 

copy of Sacral Chakra- SVADHISTHANA

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