In a crystalline DNA Light body activation session E will facilitate the upgrading of your DNA and tuning into the crystalline consciousness of New Earth through English and the language of light.


This is a very powerful and transformational session with the potential to significantly accelerate the expansion of your consciousness, elevating you into greater heights of 5D consciousness, which is multidimensional at nature. 


Light language is a multidimensional form of communication that brings you out of the head and into the heart, awakening Love consciousness throughout your being, remembrance of unity consciousness, and activating the crystalline blue print from within your DNA.


We guide you on a transcendental journey where you may find yourself travelling into the astral realms, seeing visuals, as well experiencing physical feelings of energy movements and vibrational shifts within your being. The more your journey with the Light of E in this way, the deeper your experience becomes where you have the option to book a block of Crystalline DNA Light Body Activations. 


The session will be recorded for you to listen back to at any time. 


Each experience is unique so go into the session without any exceptions other than what ever you are meant to receive you shall. We recommend you set some intentions prior to your session to assist getting the most out of the time we have together. 


If there are any questions you have we will hold space for this, where it is up to you if you prepare these prior to the session.


E .L Light will contact you after you have booked your session to confirm the session date.

Crystalline DNA Light Language activation

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