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Chakra video course

Have you ever wanted to learn about your chakras, what they are, how to balance and align them and work with them to elevate your life? 


In this 4 part video series you will learn about the philopshy and mechanics of your chakras, how to balance and align them and how you can work with them to enhance you life all round.




💎 The sandskrit names of each chakras

💎 The English names of each chakra

💎 The chakra qualities 

💎 The chakras and the nervous system

💎 How to balance and align each of your chakras

💎 Chakra healing

💎 What is the Kundalini 

💎 How the chakras influence your life

💎 The multidimensional nature of the chakras

💎 Chakras and prana

💎 The Nadis and Meridians 


The chakras are your key spiritual centres in your body. You have seven core chakras to awaken which hold the energetic basis to your New Earth light body. Each chakras is connected with different aspects of you life eg:


✨Root chakra: grounding and stability, survival, 

✨Sacral Chakra: sexuality, sensuality, creativity,

✨Solar Plexus: Confidence, abundance, Success, 

✨Heart: Love, compassion, connection, empathy, relationships

✨Throat: communication, speaking your truth, listening, self awareness

✨Third eye: Intuition, psychic abilities, Clairvoyance, Astral travel

✨Crown: Enlightenment, mastery, unity consciousness, universal Wisdom


When you learn to harness the power of your chakras you upgrade your whole entire reality. In this video course I will be guiding you through New Earth Chakra wisdom, going deeper into the nature of each chakra as well as how you can heal your chakras, and in turn how you can raise your Kundalini, which you chakras provide the foundation for. 


In this 4 part video course I will be guiding you through a powerful chakra clearing and purification exercise and provide you with chakra balancing process that you can work with on your own following the class.




💎 Chakra Wisdom

💎 Chakra Balancing

💎 Meditation

💎 New Earth wisdom

💎 Kundalini wisdom

💎 Crystalline Consciousness

💎 Chakra Sacred Geometry 

💎 Chakra Yantra Activation technology

💎 Light Language


Love and Blessings,



Chakra video course

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