This is the recording of the live online event I held on the 3rd of April 2020.


The angels they are the divine messengers and extensions of the source, AKA God, where they are the closest to the divine creator of all (source/ God) as a conscious beings beyond the source can be, making them very pure in their being and balanced in the light, guidance and healing that they share with you. 


The angels do not judge you ever, so when working with angels you can trust that what you will receive in all of your asking answers in divine love, where it is in the angelic design to transform all darkness into love in this way, shining a beautiful light for your healing and transformation. 


The angels are beautiful divine beings of unconditional love. You have at least one guardian angels, maybe even more. Your guardian angels know you and your soul better than you know yourself. They have seen the life you have lived and all that you have done, yet only have infinite unconditional love for you. It is their divine mission and purpose to love you in this way. This makes them very powerful indeed to work with particularly if you are new to the spiritual path, suffering from self judgment, anxiety, or guilt for the life you have lived.


I am deeply connected with the angels and have been working with the for the past 6 years. They were the first guides to assist me as I stepped onto the spiritual path. Over the last six years I have worked with many multidimensional beings from the ascended masters, to the pleiadians, to the guardians of light. I always find myself however coming back to the angels as I really love the beautiful healing energy they provide in unconditional love, where you can always guarantee that you will feel elevated, supported and protected in working with them.


In this online event I assist you in learning how you can tune into the angelic realms, and in awakening to how you can communicate and work with your guardians angels and the larger angelic realms including the divine wisdom and strength of the Archangels. 


I Introduce the Archangels that I work with particularly closely, and how you can also work with them to heal, stay protected and to manifest the life of your dreams. 


I provide a channeled angelic Light activation, assisting the elevation of your vibration and activation of your Angelic DNA, for you to embody greater heights of your angelic expression. 


You are an angel in higher dimensional expression of yourself, where as you awaken to this you begin to ascend into greater light, unconditional love, and wisdom of the divine. Great abilities are awakened in the process, great healing can be found and new heights of excitement can be born as you awaken to the angelic love and support that is always available to you, in any given moment.


What to expect


  • Who Are the angels
  • What Are guardian angels
  • What and who are the Archangels 
  • How you can work with your Guardian Angels
  • How to speak with the angels
  • How you can work with the angels to heal
  • How you can work with the angels to manifest
  • How you can work with the angels to awaken and stay protected as you embody greater heights of light
  • Angelic DNA Light language Activation


The downloadable event recording is 1.53 hours.


Any questions that you may have please email E.L.Light at


We look forward to seeing the group that comes together,


Blessings of Light and Love,



Angelic Light Activation

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