Akashic Reset

The Akashic Records also known as the Akash are the records of all that is. They include both past, present, parallel and future life times, where in accessing these records you can truly accelerate your awakening, self healing and self mastery, where the potential you unlock to live, embody and manifest whatever reality you wish to is truly unbound. You take the embodiment of a deliberate creator to the next level. Harnessing the power within to consciously recalibrate your DNA, genetics, physicality, and consciousness as a whole. 


Within your DNA you have Akashic Membranes where in an Akashic reset session I- E. L Light will guide you through Akashic commands to safely and consciously recalibrate your human super computer. 


You have 215 Petabytes of information stored within 1G your DNA, with over 60 grams of DNA within your body. 1 Petabyte is equivalent to 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes (one trillion Bytes of data). That is a lot of information within your DNA alone, enabling it to have the capacity to do so much that humans are only really use beginning to awaken to. 


Akashic membranes are woven through the DNA design, providing a filter and a gateway to unbound potential in the information you can choose to take on into your physical embodiment through conscious recalibration. Without conscious recalibration your DNA and the Akashic membrane within your DNA take on the information of your Karmic coding. This is passed down through your Ancestral linage, where one of the first process I will guide you through in this session is how to end all Karma and influence from your Ancestral debts, and Karma that you have created in this life time. This can be a truly profound and transformational experience, where it will feel, if you do this process well, that following the commands and days to follow from the session, that you now have a clean slate, that you have turned a corner in your journey and are at a new beginning. For this process to work at the deepest level, you must believe in your potential to consciously recalibrate in this way, you must believe. 


As you tune in and learn to work with the Akash to consciously recalibrate your being, your potential is truly unbound. It becomes a matter of how far can you take consciousness.


These process were first activated within my awareness in 2016 by Kryon through the channel of Lee Carrol. Since I have been working with Akash to rewrite my DNA, and reality, further developing the processes I share with my guides and the creator, teaching this to groups of people around the world. I now have over 4 years of experience working in this field. 


In studying Theta healing, my awareness and the processes I share were further upgraded where I continue to work with the Akashic Reset processes aside of Theta healing for both are very powerful where when combined really elevate you into new found heights of awareness, self healing and self mastery, they are the big keys, to New Earth consciousness and working with the super computer of your human avatar, to integrate, activate and embody they New Earth human being.


It really does become a matter of redesigning you Avatar. Who do you want to be? What reality would you like to manifest and embody? What patterns would you like to release? The Akashic Reset offers you the Keys. 


The more you do this process, the more powerful it will be, it works very well from just one encounter, however when you repeat many times you are reinforcing it within your vibrational awareness, consciousness, state of being, reality and embodiment. Just like when you practise strengthening a muscle, the more you do it the better and stronger it is and you will be.


In this session I will provide you the keys, for you to continue to work on your own if you chose to moving forward. If you would like to go deeper with me however, and really level up in activation of greater heights of the new earth consciousness from the Akash into your DNA, through special commands that I have personally developed, that to my awareness no one else is teaching, I also offer bundle sessions for this work. This provides you with a very strong and powerful platform for you to go deep, focused and specialised with my guidance here to benefits as much as you can from this truly powerful and life enhancing new earth technology. 


One hour session is £125


3 sessions is £333


After purchasing your session I will contact you via email, to arrange a date for your first session. The session will take place on zoom where I offer to record it and then send it to you, for you to then refer back to and benefit from as much as you would like. The session will last one hour.


Any questions please email me E. L. Light at info@lovelightcreation.com


Akashic Reset