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Akashic Reset

The Akashic Reset are keys that have been given by Kryon to assist humanity in taking control of their Akash and upgrading their DNA to awaken different states of being and self mastery into your greater embodiment.


The Akashic Reset works with the Akashic records. The Akashic Records also known as the Akash are the records of all that is. They include both past, present, parallel and future life times, where in accessing these records you can truly accelerate your awakening, self healing and self mastery.


The potential you unlock to live, embody and manifest whatever reality you wish to is truly unbound. You take the embodiment of a deliberate creator to the next level. Harnessing the power within to consciously recalibrate your DNA, genetics, physicality, and consciousness as a whole. 


Within your DNA you have Akashic Membranes where in an Akashic reset session I will guide you through Akashic commands to safely and consciously recalibrate your human super computer. 


Akashic membranes are woven through the DNA design, provide a gateway to infinite expanse and potential of the Akash- The Akashic Records. The Akashic membranes woven through your DNA filter in and out the information your take on through the Akash in your current embodiment. This is how Karma is passed down life time after life time, this is how certain skills come natural to us over others.


In the Akashic Reset sessions I guide you through Akashic commands in taking control of your Akash, and working with the Akash to rewrite the information you take on through the Akash into your current embodiment, where I provide you with a template that you can continue to work with upgrading your DNA, following the session.


One hour session is €149

3 sessions is €333


After purchasing your session I will contact you via email, to arrange a date for your first session. The session will take place on zoom where I offer to record it and then send it to you, for you to then refer back to and benefit from as much as you would like. 


Any questions please email me E. L. Light at

Akashic Reset

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