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1 Year Diamond Membership



1 Year Diamond Membership (includes the 2022 Light language Initation courses)


Access an abundance of transformational activations and light body upgrades with 1 year enrolment in our diamond membership. 


💎 Full Access to the Diamond Membership (Year Value €3564+)

💎 Full Access to the Crystal Membership (Year Value €1584+)

💎 1 New mini Video Course Every month / 48 + bonus DNA activation ascension videos in 1 year (1 video every week) 

💎 1 New Light Language Activation Every month

💎 Monthly Masterclass

💎 Discounts on all online courses and products at the school

💎 Members Chat group

💎 Access to diamond library over 60+ meditations & activations

💎 Diamond Light Upgrades

💎 Crystal light upgrades

💎 Saphire light upgrades

💎 Crystalline Consciousness Upgrades

💎 Access to over 15+ Masterclass in diamond library

💎 BONUS GIFT: Life time Access to the Sacred Geometry Level 1 Initiation Course

💎 BONUS GIFT: Life time Access to Light Language Level 1 Initiation in 2022

1 Year Diamond Membership

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