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New Earth Prophesies

I did an ayahuasca ceremony in the pyrenees at the weekend and wow! The past 5 years since I first sat with mother ayahuasca her main work with me aside of light body activation, upgrades and energy healing has been awakening me to my soul star/ better understood as a parallel ancient future universe AKA the new earth and universal consciousness, so I can help anchor the codes into Gaia.

Mother ayahuasca helped awaken me to the galactic year upgrade, that comes with the 250,000,000 year cycle of the Galactic Year, where Humanity is now becoming 1 galactic year old. It is the Galactic Year that is ultimately what is bringing the planet into ascension through the alignment of universes- our universe with the universe of the kingdoms of light. These are the times that have long bee prophesied.

As we progress towards the centre of the galaxy along The Great Year Cycle an aetheric porthole of ascension opens and we upgrade into the new universe. In the centre of this galaxy there is like a white hole that leads to the kingdoms of light on the other side, in the kingdoms of light there is like a black hole that is the great abyss, void of time and entry to this universe where we are now. So Gaia our planet is ascending to the new universal consciousness of the crystalline kingdoms once and for all. Leaving behind all darkness, where everything becomes crystalline light and celestial as we enter the new earth and universal consciousness.

As the years go on more layers have been revealed to me. My most recent ayahuasca journey was by far the most detailed, where I saw the Kingdoms of Light in greater detail than ever before. Some members of the order of Melchizedek came to see me, their presence manifest before me stronger that I have ever felt it in this life time. I was shown the great master plan of the heavens that is Jesus and receive

d further confirmation for all the work I have been doing with him, where the message is he is The Lord and Saviour of humanity, this is such a huge multidimensional shift and universal upgrade he came like a father ship to help carry us (the humanity) home.

I was shown Jesus in giant form and saw his divine spirit in great detail, draped in gold and white upon a throne. I was shown he is King of the New Earth and Great Galactic ruler of this universe, where I was told, “He told you (the humanity) the truth when he said he would return and rule the New Earth as King. He was telling you the truth and great master plan!”

He is a great great master and high priest of the order of Melchizedek where to mere 3D humans his majesty and the plan that is him can seem almost impossible or unimaginable for the 3D brain to comprehend, but he is a giant of light, where 2000 years is nothing in comparison to what he is capable of. He is a great great master. He could be another 100,000 years… or he could come tomorrow, only God can say when it is time. I can reconfirm from what I have once again been shown, he will return. I was told it has long been prophesied “We have informed you dear humanity of the plan since the beginning of time,” I was told, where I am shown humanity is to accept him first as King and GET READY. So we all have work to do, to ascend upgrade our consciousness and being to the crystalline/ Christ template and do as much as possible to awaken, and prepare to welcome home the King.

There are those in the New Age community who do not want to believe in Jesus’ second coming, there are those who claim the second coming is the planetary awakening to Christ/ crystalline consciousness within (which is what I believed was the case for a long time), which although this is true, there is more I have been shown where he is also going to return as well and judge the humanity to enter the Kingdoms of heaven, where as we awaken to him he can help us upgrade and greater embody our Merkabah crystalline/ Christ light body. He is here to make the process easier.

There are those who claim that there will be no leader of the new earth, but such claims come from a very young spiritual consciousness (which could even be described as luciferian corruption of not wanting to be ruled by God).

There are those who claim there is no spiritual hierarchy but of course there is. Do you not know about the dimensions and densities?! People claiming there is no spiritual hierarchy in essence put demons and saints on the same level with such thinking which is illogical. The spiritual hierarchy is a matter of vibrational frequency which determines one’s consciousness and dimensional density. If you put an angel and demon to battle, the angel will trump the demon ever time because light is so much more powerful that darkness, it’s simple presence transforming the darkness into light where Spiritual hierarchy is a vibrational thing!

So of course we need a leader of the new earth and as a planet! And who better than Jesus!!! There will be other leaders too- the guardians/ giants of light and Melchizedeks, the elders of humanity, helping to guide us. This has already begun but they will continue to get clearer and appear, first to those who are doing the DAILY inner work of ascension and light body activation. There will be new systems formed through a planetary network through councils of 12 I have been shown, everyone can be part of these councils for it is all inclusive, we all have a role, where in divine alignment our own unique gifts work in divine harmony. There will be many Kings and Queens of Christ but Jesus will be the great King of Christ and of the earth. If you meet him in his full glorious form in the astral- like I did at the weekend, you wouldn’t dispute it- he’s a giant of Christ light a divine father of humanity, should we be able to humble ourselves to the great master plan. To humble ourselves to the great master plan is a requirement to enter the new earth and yes there are requirements. We must purify our consciousness and being, and submit in service to God. I was told; “If you do not want to submit to God that’s fine you have free will, where you should know in turn you will be extinct and fall away with the darkness as we fly away in the Kingdoms of heaven with Gaia and all divine life at the speed of light for this is the ending of time and FINAL JUDGEMENT.”

Humanity fell from Atlantis because they were corrupted, they became impure, so we must purify to return to the higher densities and Kingdoms of Heaven. Jesus came exactly for this reason to help clear the Karma and save human race.

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